Patch 16.1


Alien Invasion Changes[edit]

  • Moved an alien spawn point away from one of the Unicorn Laser fences to avoid the rookie warping through due to combat agro or lag.

Shadowlands Changes[edit]

  • Mortiigs should no longer DOT themselves.
  • Composite Melee Expertise (8 hours) now has the correct requirements to upload and execute
  • Rain of Light no longer requires a hostile target to execute.
  • It is now possible to restart the Adonis Redeemed Garden Key quest
  • The Keeper of IPS no longer wants to donate the money they get for basic Jobe armor to the fixers' pension fund, but keeps it for their own pension.
  • The Beast has learned some more new tricks

Classic Changes[edit]

  • Added PvP damage reduction to reflect shield damage.
  • Using items with recharge times while nanos are casting will no longer cause all items to stop functioning.
  • Pets behave better after teleporting now and should remember to follow their master
  • Panicked NPCs now run all the time, and if they get stuck, they run in a new direction, instead of teleporting.
  • Inverted mouselook now works while flying.
  • The quest to get the Living Cyber Armor Gloves should no longer send you to a location outside the map to do the quest.
  • Removed "Rule of One" from the general monster nano list.
  • Organisations will be automatically disbanded when all members are deleted (when owning city/towers).
  • The Repressor is now No Drop above quality level 200, and has had the Unique tag removed below quality level 201.
  • You are now facing the Omni-Trade grid exit after being teleported into the grid. This should reduce the problem with people accidentally walking into the wrong exit.
  • Gutting Blow now works when in Sabretooth form.
  • Patricia Johnson no longer carries spare pistols and should drop the reign and pain with equal frequency
  • All actions that should lock with an attack that depend on a skill will now grey out, not just one of them.
  • Updated description for amount of towers allowed in a land control district to match the real value.
  • Removed the (non-functional) forage and bluff special actions from the actions window.
  • Moving items to overflow, corpse and treasure inventories is now prevented (with a message box explaining why).
  • Fixed a spelling error in Dr. Jefferson's dialogue
  • Attached a sign to the wall again in Old Athen
  • Fixed an area in Newland Desert that generated mission dungeons outside the zone borders
  • Fixed an error that caused several helmets to become transparent.
  • Organisation names are now unique; no Organisation can be created with or have its name changed to a name already in use by another Organisation.
  • Organisation names can now only be changed once a week.
  • The Refresh Outfit line of nanos will now restore nanopoints to the members of the trader’s team (excluding the trader themselves) over the course of 64 seconds.
  • Added Galway Shire to the Galway County map. Galway County map is now easier to upload.
  • Prodigious Strength should no longer overwrite Guardian of Might.
  • Corrected a typo in the description of the nano formula Art of Peace.
  • Using a Treatment Kit when in morphed shape no longer makes you stand up.
  • Fixed a problem with one of the monsters in Biomare spawning under a bridge.
  • The OT Tailor no longer asks neutrals to fetch him bronto hide.
  • NPCs will no longer answer questions in vicinity chat and should now all use the standard dialogue screens.


  • Otacustes should now be able to speak again and allow you to continue with the Mercenaries encounter.
  • The Ken Fi perk action should no longer return an LDBintern error when used
  • Notifications of tower attacks should now display correctly
  • The Fixer percentage bonus when generating a mission should now report correctly again
  • Notification of org tax should now display correctly again


  • Aliens should now path correctly to the city controllers again and not get stuck in buildings or under the ground. Please note: The Aliens may not always take the most direct route to the Controller, or the route they have previously taken so please expect this when running city attacks.
  • Meta-Physicist Heal pets have their correct names again
  • Team loot messages should now be displaying correctly again
  • Robot mobs should be dropping junk correctly again
  • Blindside blow perk attack should no longer return text errors when used.
  • You should no longer get text errors when attempting an org invite that you are not of sufficient rank to perform.


  • Added some Christmas goodies, keep your eyes peeled for more details as the festive season gets going!
  • All Meta-Physicist Heal pets should have their correct names again now.


  • Small update to one of the upcoming Christmas promotional quests