Patch 16.2


Shadowlands Changes[edit]

  • New Shadowlands Quests – Elysium and Nascence have been populated with over sixty new quests for low to mid level players
  • Fixed a problem where the Unredeemed Easy solo and team missions in Adonis Abyss would give you the wrong faction.
  • Specialisations you have attained are now listed one per line in the info view.
  • The wormhole portals between east and west Elysium should be easier to use now

Alien Invasion Changes[edit]

  • Fixed a bug that allowed price changes in a player shop to apply to the wrong item.
  • Aliens have been given upgraded visual sensors and will no longer heal players instead of their fellow aliens!!
  • Fixed a troublesome alien pathing/Swimming issue in Stret West Bank
  • Fixed a location in Greater Tir County to improve the alien’s ability to get to the controller

Classic Changes[edit]

  • Shuttleport Changes
    • Added new quests to the Shuttleport
    • The Teleport Tower on the Shuttleport has been moved.
    • New Characters now start directly on the beach
    • Changed the starter quests in the Shuttleport starter area
    • Most Mobs in the Shuttleport starter area now give better exp
    • Optimized the texture usage on the Shuttleport.
  • Mission window has been changed to offer a better view of your current missions or quests.
  • All the Hollow Island bosses should now have a suitable ‘boss’ despawn on their corpse when they die
  • You should now get the correct feedback when attempting to use a perk special with a remaining recharge time after a teleport
  • Fixed a bug where items from a player-to-player trade would become invisible if the seller had just traded with a vending machine.
  • Fixed some locations where players got stuck in the geometry
  • The Jack Legchopper quests now have a level requirement of level 100. (So that players who would not have gotten the mission reward at the end anyway can’t get the mission)
  • Enforcers should be able to complete the Jack Legchopper quest again
  • Fixed the bug that caused Attack bars to occasionally appear when not in combat
  • Attack bars should now synch better between client and server
  • Changed the game launcher to open links in the default browser rather then only in Internet Explorer
  • Pets should no longer spam their masters when changing chat channels whilst the pet is targeted.
  • Default dialogue text colors have been altered to make NPC chats easier to understand.
  • When polymorphed and sneaking, characters will no longer slide.
  • Resolved several memory leaks
  • Fixed bad behavior when using Ctrl + Backspace on links in text input.
  • Fixed instances where engineer pets that wouldn’t follow commands correctly after using the shell to summon them. Over-Equipping calculations are now based directly off the stats of the shell being used to summon them. Please note this issue was caused by incorrect starting points for the over equipping calculation on some pets. This caused issues with pets being uncontrollable when they should have.


  • Pets should no longer snare their masters or passers-by when zoning
  • Pets should no longer spam messages to vicinity when zoning
  • Pets should not despawn when issued with a /pet wait command after zoning
  • Attack and reload timers should no longer ‘lock up’ and stay on the screen
  • Nano timer bars should not be interrupted by reloads and item usage anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where Kendrick Kuzio would not accept Jack's head to complete the Jack Legchopper quest for adventurers.
  • Resolved a bug in the trade dialog of Brandon Thorn where he would talk about six monster parts and not the three that are now required in the Shuttleport missions
  • One With a Graceful Neck no longer talks about a first chapter that he doesn't have, but the third chapter that he actually gives out.
  • Shuttle Saboteur should now be able to get themselves out of the water in the Shuttleport
  • Resolved a typo in the quests received from Donna Red and Veronica Escobar in Nascence
  • Added better mission descriptions to the ‘Avenge the Chosen ones’ quests
  • Added the correct description to the wing membrane from Nemur-Refur in Nascence
  • The Lord of Anger should no longer fire its tracer in the wrong direction.

server update[edit]

  • Resolved a visual bug with credits not appearing correctly after trades


  • Reverted the most recent changes to player pets to resolve the issue with pets becoming hostile NPCs and refusing to follow commands
  • Resolved a client crash when dying or teleporting


  • Pets should no longer snare their masters or passers-by when zoning
  • Pets should no longer spam messages to vicinity when zoning
  • Pets should not despawn when issued with a /pet wait command after zoning


  • Updates to the new Alien Playfield (Please note: The playfield is not yet live and there will be another testing event prior to the playfield opening fully. Details of next test will be announced later)
  • Update to Billboard Advertising system.


  • Fixed a client crash


Sector 42 Encounter[edit]

  • New Alien Sector Open – Unicorn forces have opened up Sector 42 for all security cleared citizens to enter. Those wishing to enter should visit the Unicorn representative at the sector gate.
    • Release article can be found here

Political and Military Changes on Rubi-Ka[edit]

  • Omni-Tek Security forces have moved into Borealis. Clan citizens should be aware they risk attack anywhere within the city limits now.
    • NOTE: Clan characters saved in Borealis have been moved to a safe location. We advise clan characters who have their save point in Borealis to change it as soon as possible when when logging in.
    • There are new recruiters in and around Borealis who new players can use to join both Omni-Tek or the clans
    • Read More on the developments here
  • Vanguard forces have extended their protective patrols to include West Athen as well as the city itself.
    • Read More on the developments here
  • The Unionist Clan has seized control of the 4 Holes mining outpost. Omni-Tek employees should be warned that they will be attacked on sight
    • Read More on the developments here
  • Miiir have opened a new branch in Newland City


  • Ofoz has sought refuge in Newland city to avoid the attention of the Unicorn forces
  • A new protestor has been spotted on the streets of Borealis handing out protest material, neutral and clan citizens who wish to oppose the Omni-Tek occupation may want to seek them out.
  • Made some adjustments to alien pathing in Sector 42


  • Fixes to the game launcher to prevent incorrect versions being patched when updating more then one version at a time.


  • Omni-Tek forces in Borealis have been issued with orders not to fire first on any visitors to the city. ( Read More )
  • Unicorn Troops have moved to secure the large radar dish outside of Borealis. Clan players should note that these security details will still attack anyone who gets too close.
    • Maud Stevens has moved down the hill to keep clear of the Unicorn forces.
  • The Unionists have expanded their presence in 4 Holes ( Read More )
    • A Unionist Foreman is now stationed in the area. This NPC periodically casts an exp bonus buff to clan players in his vicinity. Opposing forces can kill him to gain their own exp buff and force him to despawn for a period of time, denying their opponents access to the buff.
    • Added some 100% ‘safe zone’ areas to 4 Holes
    • Moved the Grid entry point in 4 Holes
    • Made some visual improvements to the area