Patch 16.4

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Game Engine Changes[edit]

  • Optimized resource loading.
  • Improved animation system
    • Client should suffer from less stuttering as you move
    • Client should suffer from less jerky animations and blend animations better.
  • Fixed several visual and texture bugs
  • Improved delay when opening and closing skill view
  • Some of the alien weapons that lacked sounds should now play sounds
  • New option: You can now toggle animations on distant characters to improve performance. When activated characters at distance will not display all animation frames. This can be found in the options menu (F10- Environment - Effects - Smooth Animations)


  • Notum Wars Towers should be viewable from distance again.


  • Resolved graphical performance issues that some users were experiencing.
  • Resolved issue with pink / yellow graphical glitches in Shadowlands Playfields.
  • Resolved issue where faces for solitus characters wearing hoods did not display correctly.
  • Resolved several client crashes.
  • Resolved issue with transparency on some shoulder items.
  • Added default sounds for alien Grenade Launchers and Shotguns


  • Fixed several graphical effects that were causing performance slow down for some users
  • Resolved an issue with pets and npcs rubberbanding
  • Resolved issue where character would appear to be skating when sidestepping in sneak mode.


  • Removed the Arrival hall from the new player start-up process. Players now begin on the beach in the ICC Shuttleport (or in Shadowlands as appropriate)
  • New quests added to the Shuttleport
  • Improved the dialogue on the starter quests in the shuttleport
  • Improved the framerate in Shadowlands Dungeons
  • Disabled the animation-freeze for stuns
  • Fixed animation problems with sitting players
  • Hologram items should now be placeable on the ground properly again
  • NCU Coolant Sinks and Symbiants now modify the Nano-Interrupt Modifier stat correctly.
  • Resolved issue where players were not able to train Alien Technology Expertise
  • Trimmer Casings now exist up to level 300
  • Nanobot defense should now work correctly for all breeds
  • Energize Rubi-Ka Grid Tunnel can now be uploaded, and will provide access to the Fixer Grid from the Shadowlands Gardens
  • Supplymaster quests should now be working correctly again
  • Resolved issue with some Shadow-knowledge missions not giving SK rewards when completed.
  • Sarah Winter will once again accept the Ring of Hope in exchange for the Living Cyber Gloves
  • Ofoz will now accept money from those above level 202 as well as those below
  • The ICC Peacekeeper Commander will now take a pause before despawning when he gives you the location of Joe Two-Fingers. This should be enough even for slow readers!
  • The Bronto Drover Apprentice from the OT Tailor quest should now be easier to locate
  • Ethel Anthony will now have a dialog option for you if you're on a quest to tag her for the crime investigations
  • Improved the mission descriptions given by Drake Rodriguez
  • The second part of the Trash King quests should now give hints to the whereabouts of the robots in the mission text
  • Completing the Culling the Cause quest will now give you the correct follow up quest
  • Veronica Escobar will no longer give the Nascence unredeemed key quest to clanners
  • You can now interact with Carbonrich Rocks correctly again for the Cyber Armor quest
  • Resolved an issue where Yorick Kjarval in Jobe would not accept the hologram log
  • Ashmara Ravin should now appear correctly again
  • Blood of Lethe should now appear correctly again
  • Acolyte Senior Gal Bela should now appear correctly again