Patch 17.4

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Patch Release[edit]

June 13, 2007

Patch Notes[edit]

17.4 Update Series

Update Notes 17.4

  • New Adonis Quests
o Aid the ancient Yuttos and the scientists of Jobe to uncover the secrets of Adonis.
o Complete over forty new quests.
o Uncover the dark secrets of the ancient Xan and what befell their once great civilisation.
o Earn new rewards and items including new Brain Symbiants / Spirit for the final quests.
  • New Alien Playfield
o New playfield for players up to level 150
o Playfield can be accessed through the Unicorn staging area
o Fight new bosses and mini-bosses while exploring the chasms of Sector 10
o Complete new missions and quests inside the playfield
o Earn yourself new items and armor from battle against the alien hordes
  • New OFAB Vendor items in the shape of new back armors
  • A host of new veteran items added to the veterans vendor
  • The Rhinomen of Rubi-Ka have acquired some new armors that melee professions might be interested in.
  • New birthday items in time for the sixth anniversary celebrations! NOTE: These items will only be available during the birthday celebrations
  • The damage cap in PVP combat will be lowered from 40% to 30%
  • New options for multiple hotbars.
o You can add up to 10 hotbars to your GUI through a new option in the F10 menu
o Any visible hotbar can be manually set to be the active one through the toggle on the hotbar
o Alt+number cycles through which is your active hotbar
  • Upgrading a buff will now only require the difference in NCU cost to be available, not the whole amount.
  • Split out the rank required to destroy city buildings and drop the City shields. Now only the top two ranks in an organisation can destroy buildings while the top three can drop the shields to start a raid. NOTE: Org types with the three or less ranks (Monarchy, anarchy etc) remain as they are.
  • Tweaked the area nuke used by some of the bosses in Albtraum.
  • Added a new option so players can choose whether zooming in places them in first person mode or not
  • Added new auto-afk function. Players will now be flagged as afk after three minutes. Going afk in a battlestation will result in you being kicked from the battlestation
  • Added an option to turn off activating the default action when double-clicking a target.
  • PVP grace period should now work correctly when leaving the decontamination room in the Battlestations
  • Corrected the equip time on Aban garden Key
  • Resolved the issue with the Security Card Encoder in the Biomare quests
  • Sureshot Glasses should now have a correct icon
  • Fixed a visual bug that could cause some skating animations
  • Fixed an issue where trickle down IP might not be calculated correctly visually in the GUI
  • Removed the psychic requirement from The Voice of Truth nano crystal
  • Fixed incorrect time descriptions in some engineer snare reduction nanos
  • The Mistreatment perk now requires a fighting target and for you to be in combat to work. This should prevent the perk locking when attempted to be used on an invalid target.
  • You should no longer take Environmental damage in Shadowlands zones when zoning wearing the correct protection gear
  • Drake Rodriguez should only spawn you the bracer of strength once now and not spam you with messages about unique items
  • Ring of Sister Merciless now locks perception rather then intelligence and should no longer interfere with sneaking
  • Changed "You must sit in order to use /lounge." to "You must sit in order to use /lounge or /sleep."
  • Reduced the spawn time of the catacombs bosses required for the Scheol quests to one hour
  • Some Food and drink items have been given the fixture flag so that they can be placed on the ground again
  • Changed text in demolish buildings tab to the correct delay of 2 minutes before a house disappears