Patch 18.5

18.5.0 Patch Notes[edit]

Login and Character Selection[edit]

  • The Launcher Window has been streamlined and visually improved
  • The Login Window now takes you to a visual Character Selection screen
  • You may return to the Character Selection screen while in-game by using /camp or pressing CTRL+F10 (/quit and ALT+F4 will still attempt to quit the client)
  • You will no longer receive a warning message when attempting to start multiple game clients
  • The Character Creation field of view will no longer appear stretched on a widescreen monitor with a high resolution (1920 x 1080)
  • We fixed an issue that caused horizontal artefacts on the Loading Screen, and the image will now display at the correct position

NEW Global Market Interface[edit]


  • The items you buy will automatically be delivered to your in-game mail inbox. Please note that these delivery mails times out after 7 days, and normal mails after 14 days.
  • You may access the new interface directly from the Market Terminals located within the main cities or with your Portable Market Terminal
  • You can search for all tradable items
  • You can trade across servers, allowing for more accessibility and a more unified economy in preparations for a server migration
  • You can buy existing items directly, or create buy orders with your preferred price
  • You can sell items directly to an existing buy order, or create sell orders with your preferred price
  • You can sell and buy more than one of an item at a time
  • You can sell and buy unique items
  • A small fee will be deducted when creating a buy or a sell order and a small tax will be deducted from the seller when an item is bought to prevent * players from abusing the system


  • You don't need an organization to use the market!
  • You need to be a subscriber to do transactions (Alien Invasion)
  • Free players can browse the market

Item and Nano Formula Updates[edit]

  • The Meta-Physicist's Pets and the Bureaucrat's Robotic Pets will no longer despawn unless dismissed by their owner. Social pets and Charmed pets are now the only Temporary Pets.
  • Engineers' and Bureaucrats' AOE auras are now functioning like team auras instead of vicinity auras.
    • This is an important change that will reduce the stress on the servers and increase the user's control over who gets the effect of this buff, meaning you will no longer be accidentally PvP-flagged by a random person in your vicinity while having this aura running and you will no longer buff your opponent when dueling them.
    • The user's pets will be affected by these auras as well, and your team mate will get the effect of this buff even if they are not in your immediate vicinity.
  • The lower tiers (1-5) of the Dust Brigade Bracer can now be used by lower level characters (starting from 175), while the higher tiers (6 and up) are for characters level 201 and higher. These items are still expansion content.
  • The PvP-flag obtained by attacking or using actions against an already PvV flagged player has been lowered from 15 minutes to 5 minutes
  • The PvP-flag obtained by doing specific daily missions will no longer cause an attacker to get the Land Control Tower flag, it's duration is still 15 minutes
  • The PvP-flag obtained by the "I Fail" Button has been lowered to 5 minutes
  • The PvP-flag obtained by attacking a Land Control Tower without having an organization has been lowered from 4 hours to 1 hour
  • The NCU icon of the 5 minute PVP-flag has been adjusted to reflect the shorter duration
  • Hydro Vehicles, Carrier Vehicles and The Mid may no longer be used in the Battle Station to prevent a client crash issue
  • The MP Nano "Improved Instill with Malign Intent" now displays the appropriate buff value
  • The Blackpack and other backpacks can no longer be placed on the ground
  • The Nippy John Stiletto now drops a little more frequently, however, it is still meant to be fairly rare
  • The drop rate on Jathos' Molybdenum Plate Helmet, Kegern's Molybdenum Plate Helmet, the Proactive Helmet and the Reactive Helmet has been altered to be more consistent with the rest of the armor pieces in these sets
  • Buff nano formulas with zero duration are no longer "buffs" (this has no effect for you right now but has value behind the scenes)
  • Low level fear nanos no longer fear the target permanently
  • Taunt nanos no longer damage the target for 1 health point
  • Nano based damage is now affected by the individual Damage Modifier stats
    • This means that equipping gear with Damage Modifier stats will be beneficial for casting classes damage output.
    • Some items and buffs containing the NanoDamageMultiplier stat have been adjusted to reflect this change.

New Items[edit]

  • "Docaholic's Ring of Treatment" now drops from locations where other rings have a chance to drop
  • New Social items will be given to reward those who report bugs via the Report a Bug/Exploit Forums

GUI Updates[edit]

  • The Battlestation minimap should now display correctly across all resolutions
  • The labels on the Social Wear tab no longer display on top of the gear icons
  • The amount of Alien XP will now display correctly when you reach a new Alien Title, showing both in the status bar and the systems messages
  • The Alien Perk help button now displays correctly when the player receives their first Alien Title
  • The Nano Cost display in the Nano Description window will now take your Nano Cost reduction gear into consideration
  • We fixed an issue where some tells were not logged depending on whether you were chatting in a chat box or in the chat window
  • The LFT interface default values have been adjusted. By default the interface will now search for a character of any side, any profession, on Rubi-Ka (The old default values would search for a Neutral Soldier in the same playfield)
  • We fixed a visual glitch where the pet's health bar would display incorrectly when being outside of your range
  • The Time Exist counter will now correcty display on items you have equipped
  • We improved the way damage and health values are displayed in the item tooltips
  • The icon indicating recharge for Nano Formulas with Local Cooldown will now correctly display in the Nano Window

Code Updates[edit]

  • Doing one of the following things on a PvP flagged player will now correctly trigger a temporary PvP flag on the user:
    • Casting a friendly OR hostile Nano Formula
    • Attacking with a pet
    • Using an item
  • Auto Attack has been disabled
  • /pet hunt command has been disabled
  • The HTML parser now support wrapping the > character in quotation marks
  • The IGNORED nameplate will no longer get cut off on some character name lengths
  • NPC's "Give Item" window will now appear even when the player has a trade window open

Environment and Mission Updates[edit]

  • The Dyna Boss camp "Malah Eadem" in north of Penumbra has now been made accessible, as it's location has been moved
  • We fixed an issue where Unredeemed Roch would not always respond properly
  • We improved two player cities in Three Craters. The ship should now land, and the aliens should locate the City Controller properly
  • All inhabitants of the Smugglers' Den and the Mantis' Hive have had their spawn timers reduced significantly, and their spawn chances increased to 100%
  • Mantis Tunnels can now be utilized as shortcuts inside this dungeon
  • All Alien Regeneration Conduits (also known as snare towers) have been removed
  • The grunt monsters in Arid Rift will now return to their original spawn location after chasing you for ~60 meters (they used to chase you for longer than that)
  • Molokhs have been reduced in size and should no longer cause the camera to be inside the monster when fighting it
  • The Scheol Progression Quest now offers the Adonis Meta-Water Repellent Suit even if you are level 129 or lower
  • We fixed Various Typos
  • We fixed Various Exploits

18.5.1 Patch Notes[edit]

Market (GMI) Updates[edit]

  • The "Net earnings" label now displays the unit "credits".
  • The QL Dropdown Box on the Item Info Window is no longer flickering, and is easier to select.
  • When you withdraw an item or cash from your market inventory, it is sent to you in a mail. The expiration time on these mails are 48 hours, and this differs from the normal mail (14 days). A message, informing you about this is now displayed when withdrawing an item or cash.
  • Some items have been changed to the correct search category.
  • Expired items should now return from the market.
  • "Basic Armor" is now called "Basic Fashion Armor", to make it easier to find when searching the market.
  • We have fixed some data issues with items that got stuck in the mail system. These items should now be possible to send to the market.

Various Code Updates[edit]

  • The claim command should no longer delete items or credits when used on a character with full inventory or on a character that has reached the max credit cap.
  • Chat window settings, sound settings, item lock settings and hotkey settings no longer carry over between sessions.
  • You should now be able to run AO without having "Windows Administrator" rights.
  • An empty folder called "Chat" is no longer created on the root of your drive when you close the client.
  • We fixed an issue where effects preferences didn't kick in until after zoning once.
  • The client will no longer crash when opening mail.
  • We have changed the pvp rules so that only items with the "Use Hostile" and "Use Friendly" flags will PVP flag players. Some items will still unintentionally flag the user, but the amount of items with this bug has been drastically reduced.
  • It should now be possible to copy paste text from the in game browser.
  • The Adonis underwater effect should no longer appear at the character sheet after using /camp.
  • We fixed some UAC issues.

Profession Nanos and Perk Updates[edit]

  • Agent Perk Tranquilizer again snares both players and monsters.
  • The Keeper Aura "Courage of the Just" is no longer affecting the vicinity, instead it has been converted to a Team Aura and will also remove fear from your team mates. A short line cooldown has been added to prevent spamming of this nano.
  • The Bureaucrat PVP AOE Fear "Weekend Volunteer" is now Single Target. The blocker nano have been replaced by a line cooldown.
  • The MA Single Target PvP Fear "Footsteps of The Master" has gotten its blocker nano replaced by a line cooldown.
  • The Enforcer Single Target PvP Fear " You are Next" has gotten its blocker nano replaced by a line cooldown.
  • The MA proc "Disharmony" from the "Disharmony" perk line has been converted from a drain proc to a heal proc.
  • The Nano-Technician nano " Forget Me!" should no longer pull agro.
  • Debuffs with break on attack/debuff will no longer taunt and cause themselves to break.

Monster Updates[edit]

  • Ice Golem no longer give the Hollow Island reward buff, instead it gives a unique "Chill of the Ice Golem" reward buff for players 160+. The golem also has some new tricks up his rocky sleeve.
  • The Cenobites in Crypt of Home have forgotten how good they were at hiding, allowing players of the intended level range to spot them.
  • Npcs have put their running shoes back in the closet and will hunt you down if you taunt them.
  • Various npcs have gotten blue names to indicate that they are part of a quest.
  • Cleaning robots have stopped celebrating our 11th birthday.
  • Warden Ystanes bought a suppression gas item to protect himself from being killed.
  • All Boss/Raid buffs should now be in the same stacking line and have various level ranges.

Item Updates[edit]

  • Various armor sets have gotten new shiny textures and icon updates; Grid Armor, Bureaucrat Suits, Miiir suit, Monitor Smoking Suit.
  • A new fashionable black dress has been added to the clothing vendor as a result of turning the monitor smoking suit in to an actual suit for female characters.
  • New tokenboards have been created for subscriber characters. If you "right click" your current Rubi-Ka tokenboard, it should update to a better board if you are a subscriber.
  • The Clan Basic Startup Equipment now sells the Clan Advancement - Basic Board.
  • The OT Basic Startup Equipment now sells the Omni-Tek Honor - Basic Board.

Mission Updates[edit]

  • Lord Galahad's Sanctuary quest line now has the same duration as the Lord Mordeth's Sanctuary quest line.


  • We have fixed various exploits.
  • We have also fixed some typos.

18.5.2 Patch Notes[edit]

Item Shop Changes[edit]

  • Breed change is now sold in the itemshop.
  • Gender Change is now sold in the itemshop.
  • Side Change is now sold in the itemshop.
  • Faction Increase is now sold in the itemshop.
  • Premium XP buff nano is now sold in the itemshop.
  • Premium Grid nano is now sold in the itemshop.
  • New buff cans are now sold in the itemshop.
  • Nascence, Elysium, Scheol, Adonis, Penumbra and Inferno Garden Access are now sold in the itemshop.
  • Premium Nano and Healing Kit is now sold in the itemshop.
  • Saved Location Recall Beacon is now sold in the itemshop.
  • The window for item shop should no longer be possible to expand beyond shop size.

Seasonal Updates[edit]

  • Uncle Pumpkinheads, Entwines and Elfleets should now be equipped with this year's seasonal goodies.

Market Updates[edit]

  • It should now be possible to upload multiple items to the market inventory at once.
  • The 'quick sell' screen now shows a warning at the bottom informing players that trades are final.
  • Order list 'i' button should link to the right QL on in the market
  • It should now be possible to sort on the various columns on the order page.
  • Thousand separators have now been added to the credit values in the market.
  • The listing durations for orders have been extended to 14, 28, 42 and 56 days. The fees for these order durations are 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2%.
  • It should now be possible to modify the price on buy and sell orders.
  • The QL drop down should no longer clip outside the window.
  • Buy and sell orders with high price should now display the correct price.
  • Items returned from the market should now have the correct log entries.

NPC Updates[edit]

  • Monsters in the Smugglers and Mantis den have improved their insurance plan and should now re-spawn more quickly.
  • Xark and Razor have decided to reduce their lunch hunt from 7 hours to 2..
  • Asanon has stopped hiding inside an invisible wall in inferno.
  • Pets have gained an increased resistance against the damage caused by the shadowlands spirit DOTs.
  • The malahs in Alappaa have spoken with their sisters and learned to stun enemies instead of slowing them down.
  • The Predators in Alappaa have increased their cooperation skills and will now debuff their target's critical hit resistance instead of slowing their enemies down.
  • The Shadows in Alappaa are sick of being kited, and have decided to change their stun proc to a snare proc.
  • The damage of the Molokh Spawns has been reduced a bit.
  • Frozen Steps from Unnatural Ice should no longer affect pets.
  • Various npc nanos have gotten their icons replaced with new modern icons.

Item Updates[edit]

  • The Fancy black dress now shows enough melons!
  • We have now cleaned up the last items that unintentionally flag players.
  • The Kyr'Ozch Nano Protection Ring should no longer have zone validation.
  • Chunk of smoking rock should look less purple.
  • The Veteran Token now displays the proper criteria.
  • We removed the of Night Vision effect on Advanced Scent Sensor, as it was considered annoying.
  • The new subscriber tokenboards now have Zone Validation.
  • The Refresh Terminal in the PvP area "SBC-Xpm Site Alpha-Romeo 29" is now working properly.
  • The OFAB NT Helmet should no longer add nanocost instead of subtracting it.
  • We have removed the unique flag from various items: Empty Ancient Device, Ancient Containers, Finely Refined Notum, Metawater Repellent Spiritech Suit, Hyper-Radiation Protection Skin and Glasses, Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer, Hold Hell at Bay, De'Valos Protection Ring, Carlos/Allyssas armor, Alien Augmentation Devices, Carioso Menthol Pseudo-Coffee Block, Fink Fragrant Morning Enhanced Coffee Block and Hollow Island Token Boards.
  • Experience constructs, Shop Buyable XP buffs, PVP xp buffs, and seasonal XP buffs will no longer stack with Bureaucrat XP aura. They will however have a much higher xp multiplier to make up for this change.
  • The Token Boards should now be fully upgradable to Subscriber Token Boards when you have the right amount of tokens!
  • Zone Validation has been removed from Hold Hell at Bay.
  • Turn Spirit Flesh Pouch no longer has broken criteria.
  • The Scourged Bracer of Jobe should no longer get you stuck inside the Research and Training Biosphere in Jobe Research.
  • Items with special characters have been re-exported without them and these items should now display properly in the market.
  • The Gunships should no longer have energy.

Client Updates[edit]

  • The /mentor" command should no longer allow you to spam multiple invite boxes on other players. (You guys need to start playing nice with the other kids! )
  • The yellow dot that represents your character on Battle Station map should now be on top of the star icons.
  • The keyboard input should be directed to the password field by default.
  • Deleting mails should now be easier.
  • Sitting should no longer be required for hitting ALF+F4 twice to exit the client.

Nano Updates[edit]

  • The unpolluted crystal spawned by the "Boon of Ergo" nano programs should actually spawn and no longer be temporary items. We hope this will provide a tranquilizer for the Meta-Physicists that have been slamming their heads against the control tower.
  • The Fixer evacuation grid nanos can no longer be used when you just zoned in to prevent that you attempt to zone before you are able to. Once you are able to zone, the nano programs can be used normally.
  • All the Shadowlands Maps are now available for all professions!
  • The Veteran Nano: Insight into the Shadowlands now includes all maps!
  • Adventurer nano "Nano Crystal (A Clear Sense of Scheol - Extended (Team)" obtained from "Knowledge of the Yuttos" Quest line in Sheol is now named "Nano Crystal (Pr0n0wnzm3nt 0f H4xx)" and will turn the adventurer in to a shadowleet. It will also increase the adventurer's Concealment skill by 424 points and be sharing the nano line with other concealment buffs.
  • All long term XP buffs have been sorted in to the same nano line
  • Bureaucrat and Adventurer XP buffs will now be equally powerful and include xp numbers from both buffs.
  • The Sauna XP buff will give an xp buff equal to the weakest bureaucrat XP buff.
  • Veteran Leet transformation is now self only, to prevent people from spamming the morph on other players. The premium version can still be used on other players every 30 seconds.
  • Raid Buffs have been given a zone validation and can no longer be utilized by players below their intended level range.

Mission Updates[edit]

  • All alien daily missions in the unicorn hub (APF) should now allow you to use the agency teleporter.
  • Various mission nanos have gotten their icons replaced with new modern icons.
  • The unionist pvp-quests are now much more team friendly, offering the quest item for everyone in the team who has the quest.
  • Daily Mission: Famous Last Words: you will no longer be able to click on the page you already have picked up, this is to ensure that the pages will not despawn as often - making it easier for you to find a page
  • OT Tailor is less hungry when a player hands him a piece of rollerrat flesh when they don't have the proper quest.

Vendor Updates[edit]

  • Shining Nano Knot of Swimming has been removed from the tradeskill vendors.
  • Market Floor plans have been removed from Uncle Bazzit shop.

Environment and Formula Updates[edit]

  • We have changed the SL environmental damage to deal "nano damage" to prevent the player's damage add to increase the damage.
  • The Non-Instanced Pandemonium will now properly require you to have the Pandemonium Map Nano running, the Map Nano is obtainable by killing the Geosurvey Dogs.
  • The PvP flag no longer lets team members damage each other through the use of pets or perks

18.5.3 Patch Notes[edit]

Item Shop Changes[edit]

  • Neutral Side Change is now sold in the itemshop.
  • Redeemed and Unredeemed Faction packages are now sold in the itemshop.
  • Heckler juice is now sold in the itemshop.
  • Rubi-Ka Recall Beacon, Shadowlands Recall Beacon, Insurance Claim Recall Beacon are now sold in the item shop.

Vendor Updates[edit]

  • The Insurance Claim Recall Beacon should now be added to the Veteran Vendor.

Item Updates[edit]

  • A faction reset item has been created for Customer Service. If your faction is below -50.000, please petition about it so customer service can help you.
  • Unredeemed and Redeemed Faction Package: 10000 should no longer set your faction lower than -50 000.
  • Premium Neutral Application Form has been made.
  • The Premium Health and Nano Recharger is now a wrapper item (yesdrop) that spawns the Premium Health and Nano Recharger which is now nodrop.
  • Nano Can: Instant Fixer Grid Conversion should now spawn a 'Data Receptacle' in your inventory instead of taking you directly in to the fixer grid.
  • Garden Access items should now have a Shadowlands check.
  • NT cyberdecks should now be possible to adapt to your breed and gender by right clicking it.
  • Alien Augmentation Devices have now gotten their description updated.
  • De'Valos Protection Ring should no longer have zone validation.
  • Advanced Scent Sensor should no longer apply night vision at QL 101 and up.

Market Updates[edit]

  • Market fee calculations should no longer be wrong because of localization.

Client and GUI Updates[edit]

  • Changes to the way character slots are handled have been made in preparation for the server merge.
  • The Shadowlands question has been replaced by a pop up box that informs you that you will need to increase your faction standing to gain Shadow Knowledge.
  • The information window should now display the target correctly.
  • The information window should now display visual profession correctly.
  • The information window should now display "Charmed Pet" npcFamily correctly.
  • The information window should now display HasFreeInventorySlots, CanTeleportNow, IsNPC and IsInDuel operator correctly.
  • The information window should now display the faction hit spell correctly.

18.5.4 Patch Notes[edit]

Market Updates[edit]

  • Changing buy and sell order should now work properly again.

Game Updates[edit]

  • Players should no longer lose SK when leveling up.

GUI Updates[edit]

  • HasNotUnique criteria now displays properly in the information window.
  • HasNotAnythingWorn criteria now displays properly in the information window.
  • SolveQuest spell now displays properly in the information window.

Monster Texture Updates[edit]

  • Reets have gotten a texture update.
  • Waste collectors have gotten a texture update.
  • Sandworms have gotten a texture update.
  • Minibulls have gotten a texture update.
  • Rollerrats have gotten a texture update.