Patch 18.8


18.8.0 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: June 25, 2015

New Engine Update[edit]

  • Added option to download a "New Engine" version of the game and play on the Live server; the installer is ~5GB in size, with a installation size of ~23GB. Click here to start downloading.
  • Resolved an issue that cause lighting effects in dungeons to persist longer than they should

Profession Changes[edit]

  • Agent "Ruse" nanos will reduce the size of the agent.
  • Trader's "Subprime Vitality Mortgage" now has a reduced 90 second cooldown.
  • Trader's "Subprime Vitality Mortgage" now requires Bio Metamor & Time&Space.

General Changes[edit]

  • Made preparations for 2015 Anniversary.
  • Adjusted AI Bot drops on ground and ship .
  • Entrance point into the Grid has been moved.
  • It is now possible to enter the landing shuttle, located near your character spawning location; this can be used as an additional meet-up location, as needed.

18.8.1 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: June 29, 2015

General Changes[edit]

  • Mantis Hatchling will only be able to be summoned once per character.

18.8.2 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: July 9, 2015

New Engine Fixes[edit]

  • Jobe Luxury and Sunrise apartments are safer to enter
  • Battlestation Terminals will correctly list the team names
  • Organization Headquarters will be more firmly planted to the ground from a distance
  • Changed the Hacked Medi-Blade & Improved Hacked Medi-Blade appearance so they are visible and feel less like Christmas trees.
  • Implant sign in ICC General Stores will be more visible
  • Center pillar of the ICC Whom-Pahs has returned

18.8.3 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: September 10, 2015

Profession Changes[edit]


  • Sharp Shooter 1 at higher levels will have the correct casting time
  • Night Killer will check for Agent Evade debuffs at all levels


  • Double Nanos: Hits have a 2s delay, added 6s line cooldown
  • Double & Delayed Nukes (Formerly Triples) share a line cooldown
  • Damage-to-Nano shields will no longer stack with Reflect Nanos
  • Nullity Sphere MK I can now be purchased in the ICC Nano shop
  • Double Nanos: The second hit will not pierce reflects
  • Delayed Nukes: Shortened line cooldown to 5s


  • Mongo's High HP buffing nanos have had level requirements applied
  • Mongo! AoE taunt nanos shouldn't be able to flag players

General Updates[edit]

  • Changed Medi Blade appearances. Again.
  • Lowered cost of items in General Store Nano Crystal Vendors and Pre-Made Implants
  • The exit door from Arete Landing should function more reliably
  • Adjustments made to Collector Chests:
    • Strong, Supple, and Arithmetic viral bots can only drop from Golden Chests
    • Enduring, Observant, and Spiritual viralbots can only drop from Silver Chests
    • Subspace Storage Device components can drop from Silver Chests
  • Bellum Badonis Armor Helmet should sit naturally on all breeds and genders
  • Redeemed and Unredeemed mobs should be less-likely to heal their attack targets
  • Net of Adonis should be equippable now
  • Added Worn ICC Cloaks to ICC armor shop
  • The Informant's Ground Chief Aune will break less often
  • Added MP quest to upgrade starter weapon
  • Recall Beacon items have a 5s activation time

18.8.4 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: September 16, 2015

This is a small patch that is mostly to resolve an irritating server stability issue. It also has the code change that affects how /assist works with regards to player targets.

PvP Changes[edit]

  • /assist will not return a target if both the Target and Target's Target are Player Characters.
  • /assist will return a target if the Target is a NPC and the Target's Target is a Player Character.
  • /assist will return a target if the Target is a Player Character and the Target's Target is a NPC.
  • /assist will return a target if the Target and Target's Target are both NPCs.

Org Change[edit]

  • The '/org paymembers' command has been removed.

General Changes[edit]

  • Extended several buff durations to 4 hours; will do more in future updates.

18.8.5 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: September 24, 2015

This is another fix patch; some items related to last patch, others were just annoyances that have been lingering.

PvP Changes[edit]

  • /assist will not return a target if the Target is a Pet

Profession Changes[edit]


  • Fixed description of Beckoning


  • Long HoTs will correctly tick for the full duration of the nanos
  • Gridspace Freedom will be more difficult to override

General Changes[edit]

  • Ground Chief Aune (The Informant) should be less prone to summon armies of Omega drones
  • Anarchy Online .exe files should be less prone to trigger false positives from certain Anti-Virus programs; will be creating a new pair of Installers soon

18.8.6 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: October 27, 2015

Seasonal Updates[edit]

  • Halloween has started and will continue until November 17th, 2015!
  • Uncle Pumpkin-Head and Griefing Uncle Pumpkin-Head will be infesting their normal haunts around Rubi-Ka
  • The rare Ganking Uncle Pumpkin-Head and bands of Griefing Uncle Pumpkin-Head can be found in the SBC-Xpm Alpha Romeo sites

Content Updates[edit]

  • The Pyramid of Home dungeon is Live!
  • To access the Pyramid of Home, enter the large door behind Number Nine within the Temple of Home in Broken Shores.
  • To enter the Temple of Home, you will have to meet any of the following requirements:
    • Wear a Profession Nanodeck (Base/Activated/Stellar)
    • Have completed the 'Guarding the Source' questline
    • Have completed the Legacy of the Xan questline
  • You will need to be in a raid, and be level 201 or above to participate.

18.8.7 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: October 28, 2015

This patch is a small hotfix to resolve a few issues brought to our attention after the 18.8.6 update.

Content Updates (Pyramid of Home)[edit]

  • Portals in Pyramid of Home will last for 4 hours instead of 2
  • Fewer trash mobs within the dungeon will respawn after 20 minutes
  • The "Living Flame" style monsters will wait a few seconds before dropping damaging areas on the ground
  • The Maiden will be more fair with where she spawns her avatars
  • Unstable Rifts will persist for slightly longer

General Updates[edit]

  • Hiisi Pupil Breastplate and Boots will correctly scale in level from 1 -> 200
  • The Awakened Burden of Competence will no longer buff BodyDev and NanoPool twice
  • Gold Chest of the Collector will offer fewer chances of Alpha/Beta Boxes

18.8.8 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: November 9, 2015

Content Updates[edit]

Pyramid of Home[edit]

  • Modified & Improved Awakened Token Boards
  • The 'Achaean Conqueror,' a new Heavy Weapons gun, can now drop alongside other Corrupted weapons
  • The second 'Chaos of the Xan' has been correctly renamed (and modified) to be the Corrupted Lord of Chaos
  • The Maiden will be more generous with cleaning up her flames

The Collector[edit]

  • The Secretary can now only talk to 1 person at a time

18.8.9 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: November 11, 2015

Content Updates[edit]

The Collector[edit]

  • The Collector is back from vacation.
  • Golden Chests of the Collector will drop fewer Alpha/Beta Alien Boxes.

Item Updates[edit]

  • "Fountain of Life" will only require 1 Awakened armor sleeve.
  • Hiisi Pupil Boots now require the level of their Quality Level to be worn.

PvP Updates[edit]

  • It is no longer possible to get an /assist target off of a Notum Wars tower.

18.8.10 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: December 8, 2015

Holiday Updates[edit]

  • Enabled Holiday content: Festivities begin December 8th and last until January 5th.

General Updates[edit]

  • Fixer nano "Lasting Ultimatum" will heal for the full duration of the nano.

18.8.11 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: February 10, 2016

Content Update[edit]

  • The Reck is open!
    • Enter via Tir or Omni-1 Trade whompahs.
    • Everyone can enjoy and explore a new Rubi-Ka region
    • Hunt down dyna bosses for new and classic rewards
    • Complete new Daily Missions for XP and Token rewards (Missions restricted to level 90 - 170 characters)
  • New Planet Map
    • Included with 18.8.11 is a new Default RK map, in addition to a version of Saavick's RK Planet map - Enjoy!
  • The Collector should be open for business once again

Holiday Updates[edit]

  • Enabled Valentine's Day from February 9th until February 23rd.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • /follow should work on NPCs again in the 'New Engine' client
  • John Smith should be more willing to cooperate

18.8.12 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: February 18, 2016

The Reck Updates[edit]

  • 'Vision of Destruction' & 'Vision of Hope' will now work correctly
  • Increased XP gains from kills by 25%
  • "Drawing Notum from Sand," "Putting Down Wardog," and "The Mutant Warchief" all offer AoE mission updates
    • Killing the target NPC also temporarily spawns an interactable that will advance the mission when used

18.8.13 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: April 14, 2016

Content Updates[edit]

  • Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero has landed on Rubi-Ka
    • He makes appearances in ICC's "Holo Deck" tower for 1 week at a time, then 1 week off, and then will return a week later with a different mission
    • Arbitration Drone offers a mission based on your level, including one related to Daily Missions, available to everyone
    • Mission rewards offer ICC Commendations, a new currency used to purchase unique rewards
    • Missions "Dusted Off", "Alien Invasion", "Civil Disobedience" and "Freelancers Inc." can all provide a bonus reward when turned in
  • Implemented new Membership Rewards system - Claim your rewards today!
  • Added new items into Veteran Shop
  • Achaean Conqueror is slightly more prepared to ride into battle
  • Gnuff has found his stash of crystals
  • ICC has landed a transport shuttle outside of Temple of Three Winds

18.8.14 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: May 16, 2016

Will to Fight Updates[edit]

  • Gnuff will respawn more frequently and drop more of his rift crystals
  • It is now possible to save within Will to Fight
  • The crystals dropped from Gnuff will trigger a reduced lockout time of 5 minutes

Palmiero's Mission Updates[edit]

  • Alien Invasion mission will correctly grant XP/SK if you already have AI Level 30.
  • Dustbrigade Operative Covering should display on Solitus Male characters

18.8.15 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: June 23, 2016

Notum Wars Updates[edit]

  • Conductors added to tower shops:
    • Corruption
    • Learning
    • Juggling

Profession Updates[edit]


  • Reduced AAO boost from Concentration buffs
  • Increased Defensive Skill check for most hostile perk actions


  • Reduced the ferocity of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Rihwen
  • Tier 3 Rihwen has some natural root/snare resistance


  • Beacon Warp & Team Beacon Warps have slower execution casting time

General Updates[edit]

  • Added "Apotheosis" research perkline
  • Alien Armor can now be equipped without the Alien Technology perkline invested, if Apotheosis research is level 10.
  • Preparations made for Anniversary celebrations
  • Additional Illegal Notum Smuggler spawn points added in the various SBC-Xpm sites
  • Illegal Notum Smugglers have a higher chance to respawn when a player death occurs
  • Gnuff's Crystals no longer use Intelligence as a cooldown skill
  • Added spawn points of Gnuff's Acolytes in Will to Fight
  • Added items to Veteran Shop:
    • Growing Lilac Helmet
    • Prototype Nano Armor Cloak
    • Vacuum Packed Newcomer's Armor
  • Riot Control is now a Psi buff
  • Nano Crystal (Malaise of Emotion) now matches the requirements of casting the nano
  • Corrected Melee AC of Ofab MP chest
  • It is no longer possible to Beacon Warp into or out of the DB3 encounter

18.8.15 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: October 12, 2016

Holiday Update[edit]

  • Added new Halloween instance & rewards - Grab the new quest from a Draculeet or Frankenleet!

18.8.18 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: December 20, 2016

Seasonal Updates[edit]

  • Prepared Rubi-Ka for a festive Winter Celebration

Item Updates[edit]

  • Removed expansion requirements on Illegally Modified Ofab weapons
  • Made several previously-depreicated Christmas Gifts able to be opened once again
  • Added 'Staff of Cleansing' as the newest Membership Reward item

Item Shop Updates[edit]

  • Modified shop offerings and prices
  • Added some new nano cans
  • Added Org City voucher & Specialization collection of books
  • Added basic gear bundles aimed at certain levels
  • Added an improved Lottery Ticket and Social Lottery Ticket
  • Items sold from the Item Shop (after this point) will be NoDrop

UI Updates[edit]

  • Removed ability to block Inspect
  • Updated the Item Shop icon to better resemble a shopping cart, instead of a fry basket

18.8.19 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: January 11, 2017

Game Updates[edit]

  • Final preparations for Steam launch
  • It is now possible to create a new account from the login page of a client launched via Steam
  • Resolved a stacking issue with nanos cast via certain Nano Cans

18.8.22 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: February 15, 2017

Game Updates[edit]

  • Restored a missing GMI terminal to Tir.
  • Fixed a number of exploits.

18.8.23 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: June 19, 2017

18.8.24 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Septembre 21, 2017

Game Updates[edit]

  • Fixed a number of exploits. Yay!

18.8.25 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: April 30, 2018

18.8.26 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: May 23, 2018

18.8.27 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Unknown, 2018

18.8.28 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: July 11, 2018

Game Updates[edit]

  • Digummy social armor description is more readable.
  • Dust Brigade Tech Unit armor gives correct amount of Treatment and First Aid at all levels.
  • Statuesque Gloves will now properly drop.
  • Rusted Carbonum armor will drop more often.

18.8.29 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Aug 30, 2018

Game Updates[edit]

  • Fixed various exploits™

18.8.30 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Oct 11, 2018

Game Updates[edit]

  • Uncle Pumpkinhead will return!
  • Draculeet and frands will also be back!
  • New Halloween stuff!

18.8.31 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Unknown, 2018

18.8.32 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Dec 7, 2018

Game Updates[edit]

  • New content for Christmas added!
  • The Christmas content will become available, and decorations start appearing on Dec 11th.

General Updates[edit]

  • New installs from Steam will start at 18.8.32
  • Standard Engine game client installer updated to 18.8.32 on website.
  • New Engine game client installer will be updated to this soon(tm)

18.8.33 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Feb 21, 2019

General Updates[edit]

  • Performed backend/database work. That's all today :)

18.8.34 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Feb 24, 2019

General Updates[edit]

  • Removed expansion requirements on Worn Cyberdeck.

18.8.35 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Mar 01, 2019

General Updates[edit]

  • Performed backend/database work.

18.8.36 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Mar 07, 2019

General Updates[edit]

  • March 2019 Subscription Offer rewards may now be claimed on Live (RK5)
  • Claims should no longer require changing zones to appear

18.8.37 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Mar 08, 2019

General Updates[edit]

  • Pioneer Backpack from special offer may now be claimed.
  • Level Cap on Rubi-Ka 2019 increased to 20.

18.8.38 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Mar 13, 2019

General Updates[edit]

  • Daily Login rewards for days 3 and 17 updated to Health and Nano Recharger.
  • Cheaper ammo added to Clan and Omni shops.

18.8.39 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Mar 20, 2019

General Updates[edit]

  • Added skill and title requirements to SAM batteries.

18.8.40 Update Notes[edit]

Patch Date: Apr 17, 2019

General Updates[edit]

  • Players who have an unopened Vacuum Packed Striped Silencer Armor from shop bundles can get a second.
  • Pooled XP cap is now based on the character's level.
  • Players at the level cap will be able to gain xp to their XP pool.