Place the Bomb


Take out Kyr'Ozch scout ship.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Quest description[edit]

The Kyr'Ozch are constantly surrounding the Goliath-class battlestations in orbit around Rubi-Ka.

Your assignment is to teleport into one of their scout ships and take it out.

Use the teleport station inside the Agency building for a direct warp to the ship. Once you have cleared the ship of aliens, place a bomb kit onto the ground on the flight deck; you will then have one minute to exit the ship before the bomb goes off.

Once the bomb has been successfully placed, a warping kit will automatically be placed in your personal storage - Use this kit to leave the ship before the bomb goes off.


As with all daily missions, completing Place the Bomb will yield a substantiable amount of xp, along with a number of tokens equivalent to successfully completing 2 whole individual missions.


After attaining the mission, get as many Outside Buffs (OBs) as you can. RRFE, Behe and a HoT will be useful in completing this mission. Step through the teleporter in the hindroom of the daily mission agency once you are ready.

The aliens in the mothership consists of 2 distinct types. The Ensigns are the melee aliens who will hit for approximately 500 to 1000, with a surprisingly fast attack rate. The Strategists are nuker based aliens who throw 1000 cold-damage nukes at you. It is however possible to bug the Strategists by kiting them; as long as the strategists do not manage to stop moving, they will not throw any nukes at you at all. A Stealth Technologist also resides on the eastern most room, although he is albeit weaker than an average Ensign mob.

Begin clearing the entire mothership carefully. Pulling one alien at any time is of the essence to completing this mission. There are several rooms where it is likely that you may pull 2 Ensigns at once, and as such, great care must be taken as doing so may result in a wipe. The Ensigns are rather resistant to calms, although attempting to mezz them is not altogether impossible. Any death incurred will restart the entire dungeon, so it is highly recommended that you take your time to pull carefully. The central room, although consisting of 4 aliens, may be cleared by creeping close enough to the Eastern door such that your character is close enough for the door to automatically open. Surprisingly enough, the Ensign close by will not aggro you, although a Strategist will quickly attack you upon sight. Pull the strategist out and dispatch of him. Repeat this process to clear the central room.

NOTE: DO NOT ENTER THE CIRCULAR TELEPORTER IN THE CENTRAL ROOM. THIS WILL RESTART THE ENTIRE MISSION! It is safest to not enter the central room at all. All mobs can be pulled by standing right outside it

At the end of the dungeon, the northern most room will hold 2 mobs: an Ensign and a Brigadier General. The General, as small as it may seem, is not to be trifled with. He may be treated as a slightly stronger Ensign, being able to hit harder on top of having a HP boost. Once you have cleared the entire mothership, right click the bomb kit in your inventory. This will complete your mission. Right click on your newly-spawned escape tool in your inventory to warp yourself out of there.

Approximate time taken for run: About 20 minutes, assuming you do not wipe.