Pleasant Meadows

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The Treepine Hut community
Pierce Class Slayerdroids, 666 x 1866

Pleasant Meadows has Omni Whompahs at the 20K outpost, leading to the Omni Entertainment, 4 Holes (at Aurum) and Outpost 10-3 whompahs.

Versailles tower. Brutalism meets Anachronism

The zone borders Milky Way to the north, Eastern Fouls Plains to the east, Lush Fields to the west, and the Greater Omni Forest and Omni Forest zones to the southeast and southwest, respectively.

Dr. Hercules Lincoln wants YOU for OT cleanup

At 20K, facing the wompah to Outpost 10-3, can be found Dr. Hercules Lincoln. The Doctor is the starting Omni contact for the Collar of Amplification Quest in Biomare. Also near the wompahs is Milo Chatter, who speaks of Horatio Campbell of Omni Trade and of Silverleaf Funguspore as being the 'Warden' of Pleasant Meadows.

Pleasant Meadows' western riverbank holds two ferry exits; one that leads to the east riverbank at Harry's in Lush Fields, and one that spells almost certain death for low and mid level Clan, that leads to the OT Juggernaut/Gunship base, with the only avenue of escape being through the base.

Rivers merge in the east of the zone into one river running west to the banks of the great Stret River. There is a small town at the merging of the rivers, in which can be found many Advanced Limited Shops including the Treepine Hut store run by 'Silverleaf Funguspore'. 'Treepine Hut', at 2273 x 1822, has OT Advanced Armor and OT Clothes terminals, and an OT Advanced Quality Weaponsdealer NPC inside. The out-of-doors NPC dealers in the town are Neutral.

The Versailles Towers in southern Pleasant Meadows at coordinates 1550 X 700 might be called anachronistic, although its owner, the Knights of Avalon leader Lord Galahad might not be pleased to hear you say so. Martial Artists can turn in items for the Jack "The Leg-chopper" Quest to NPC 'Daedra Iberra', at 'Versailles Towers', coordinates 1500 x 700.

Two old school (human) mob camps were in Pleasant Meadows. 'Eight by Eight', the Bothacker camp remains at 800 x 800. The Virus Builders west of 20K, however, appear to have been removed in a patch, possibly replaced by a Neutral sided human camp.

There is a large number of level 60ish Eyemutants inside a gated area with buildings; the entrance is at 1090 2565

Land Control Areas[edit]

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
40-60 1540, 2660 Pleasant Range Offense Hill
60-90 2380, 2500 Central Pleasant Range
50-75 580, 2420 West of 20K
30-70 3220, 2220 Pleasant Range Defense
60-90 3220, 1980 Pleasant River Defense
Level Range Coordinates Land Name
60-90 3260, 1500 Pleasant River Offense
40-60 2260, 1140 Central Pleasant Plains
30-70 3020, 1020 East Pleasant Plains
30-45 740, 460 West of Versailles Tower


The comic but still dangerous Pendpod Baiter

Map Upgrades[edit]

Map - Pleasant Meadows Map requirement: 75
Players may buy the map upgrade 'Map - Pleasant Meadows', to enable them to see all features of this zone on the PF Map. The Map Navigation skill requirement to upload this map is 75.

Warden of Pleasant Meadows and founder of Treepine Hut, Silverleaf Funguspore


  • Eyemutants Camp NW of 20K, 1060 x 2525
  • Pierce Class Slayerdroids
  • Pendpod Baiter
  • Humans:
    • Bot Hackers
    • (Virus Builders' camp appears to have been removed from the game. No reports of it being added somewhere else)

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