Prisoner Mission


Get mission and go kill one of the Escaped Prisoners in Milky Way

Agency All

Level 200 - 220


Talk to Warden Ystanes

The Ystanes 'brothers' are three gene-mate Atroxes who just happen to each be in charge of three prisons on Rubi-Ka. Recently a group of prisoners escaped from their care, and they could use some help in tracking them down. Find Warden Ystanes and help him recapture one of the escaped prisoners to complete this mission.

For Omni-Tek employees, Warden Ystanes may be found in Omni-Trade, near the Omni-Reform complex.

For Neutral citizens, Warden Ystanes may be found in Newland, near the prison building.

For Clan members, Warden Ystanes is found in West Athens, near the prison building.

Help Warden Ystanes recapture one of the escaped prisoners. After you have killed the prisoner you are assigned to recapture, return to Warden Ystanes to recieve a reward and complete this assignment.


XP and Tokens for Clan and Omni factions


Go to Agency and Talk to NPC giving Elite Daily Mission. Ask for "Prisoner Mission".

Talk to Warden Ystanes located in Omni Trade, Newland City and West Athen.

He will give you a random mission to kill one Escaped Prisoner in Milky Way. If do not like that prisoner you can cancel the Kill mission ask for another from him. Umbral Prisoner is considered the easiest by some.

Go to Milky Way and kill the prisoner.

Return to Warden Ystanes to complete the Kill Prisoner mission and get soul crystal of your choice.

Return to Agency to collect your reward.


  1. Acidic Prisoner: 1460 1715
  2. Burning Prisoner: 375 725
  3. Dangerous Prisoner: 4565 370
  4. Deadly Prisoner: 765 1025
  5. Diseased Prisoner: 3635 585 ; does Cold damage
  6. Explosive Prisoner: 1060 925
  7. Murderous Prisoner: 1925 1875
  8. Poisonous Prisoner: 2330 2210
  9. Silenced Prisoner: 2915 300
  10. Spiritual Prisoner: 880 630
  11. Temporal Prisoner: 3150 2125
  12. Umbral Prisoner: 4950 810 ; considered by some players the easiest


Reports indicate a low or non-existent drop rate for the boots and their 25 bonus to nanoskills, but the boots do drop from the The Collector.

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