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Professions are the player classes of Anarchy Online:



An Adventurer's soul is at home in the wild. Adventurers study the animals, learn their ways and gain some of their abilities along the way. Their weapon skills are well balanced with equal advancement opportunities in melee and ranged combat. They also become skilled at using nanotechnology to withstand damage or to create metaphysical cloaks that damage their aggressors. An Adventurer is an excellent healer, only truly rivaled by the Doctor.
Preferred weapon category: 1 Handed Edged or Pistol
Preferred Breed: Solitus



An Agent's life is spent in the shadows. Agents focus on concealment and subterfuge skills and one of their special abilities is going undercover. Doing so enables them to use nanotechnology normally only available to other professions. When it comes to combat, the Agent's specialty is sniping opponents with high velocity rifles using unique nanotechnology to further increase the damage.
Preferred weapon category: Rifle
Preferred Breed: Opifex



The Bureaucrat brings order to chaos. Bureaucrats have very limited weapon skills but their vast knowledge of nanotechnology makes up for that. They use it to directly damage opponents and create robots that will fight for them. But most importantly, a Bureaucrat uses nanotechnology to boost his leadership skills and to control hostile beings, bending their minds and blurring their aims. In a team situation, a Bureaucrat is therefore a natural leader.
Preferred weapon category: Pistol
Preferred Breed: Solitus



A Doctor is really a biotechnology specialist. The Doctors' prime skills focus mainly on healing and protecting but they also learn how to produce and administer powerful bio-toxins that slow, weaken and wear down their opponents. Limited weapon skills can lead to a bumpy ride when going solo, but in a team the Doctor really shines. When chaos descends on the team in combat, its survival usually lies squarely on the Doctor's shoulders, so this profession is not for the faint-hearted.
Preferred weapon category: Pistol, SMG, Shotgun, One Handed Edged, Martial Arts
Preferred Breed: Solitus



An Enforcer specializes in close combat using raw power and naked rage to subdue opponents. Enforcers are physically better suited than all others to sustain damage and can learn some protective nanotechnology to further increase their chances of survival. Their brutality and in-your-face combat attitude normally make them the prime targets for any opponent. Enforcers utilize this for the good of the team and rely largely on others to heal them.
Preferred weapon category: Any type of melee weapon, though one handed and two handed Blunt and Edged weapons are preferred
Preferred Breed category: Atrox



An Engineer is a specialist in creating all sorts of machinery. Engineers really excel in constructing powerful battledroids and have access to unique nanotechnology to enhance and repair them. The Engineer's weapon skills are not that great, but the Engineer/robot-pet duo is quite formidable. All Engineers learn to create powerful protective shields and the best Engineers can hack into satellites, and use them to teleport any member of the team to the Engineer's location.
Preferred weapon category: Pistol, Grenade Launchers, Shotguns, Martial Arts
Preferred Breed: Solitus



Fixer specializes in getting people what they need when they need it. By hacking into what is known as The Grid from anywhere in the world, Fixers can use it to transport themselves or their entire team in digital form around Rubi-Ka. The Fixers move fastest of all and special armors make them the hardest to hit as well. A Fixer's main combat strategy lies in limiting the maneuverability of opponents and they favor weapons from the sub-machinegun category.
Preferred weapon category: SMG
Preferred Breed: Opifex

Keeper (Shadowlands only)[edit]


The Keeper is a fighter that radiates valor and heroism - a beacon of light and hope to the team. A formidable opponent who specializes in close combat, the Keeper is especially proficient wielding two-handed edged weapons. This profession's uniqueness lies in the ability to share life and diverse powers with nearby allies.
Preferred weapon category: 2 Handed Edged

Martial Artist[edit]

Martial Artist

When it comes to dishing out raw combat damage a Martial Artist outshines all other professions. Fighting unarmed, the Martial Artist's main strength lies in special attacks, knowing how to cripple opponents by attacking their weak spots. The Martial Artist is also a very proficient healer, truly surpassed by only the Doctor and the Adventurer.
Preferred Breed: Opifex



The Meta-Physicists get their strength from the "other side". They can manifest their emotions in the material world and eventually control multiple materialized entities and use them in combat. The uniqueness of a Meta-Physicist lies in manipulating the underlying fabric of the world where nanotechnology operates, adjusting the nanotechnology skills of friends and foes alike. Their weapon skills are poor but they can use their powers to damage their opponents directly.
Preferred weapon category: Bows, 1 Handed Blunt, Pistols
Preferred Breed: Nano Mage



A Nano-Technician is an expert user of aggressive nanotechnology. Nano-Technicians are experts at using nanotechnology to deal explosive area-of-effect damage and the types of damage they can manage is incomparable. They are also capable of using other kinds of nanotechnology and can for example warp themselves between locations. Nano-Technicians must be devoted to nanotechnology skills and as a result, physical and weapon skills will suffer.
Preferred weapon category: Pistol
Preferred Breed: Nano Mage

Shade (Shadowlands only)[edit]


The Shade is a mix between a predator and a parasite. Dark and aggressive, the Shade utilizes nano-technology to suck the life and energy out of their prey, robbing them of the basic elements they need to subsist. The Shade stays out of harm's way by relying on concealment and good combat mobility. By using the element of surprise, the Shade can inflict large amounts of damage in a short amount of time.
Preferred Weapon Category: Piercing
Preferred Breed: Opifex



Soldier strives for excellence in armed combat. The skill advancement of Soldiers focuses entirely on assault and survival. They use unique nanotechnology to protect their bodies, enhance reflexes, weapon skills and their armor. Perhaps most importantly, Soldiers are able to create strong damage absorption shields around themselves which make them partly invulnerable and even reflect some of the damage back to the attacker.
Preferred weapon category: Assault Rifle
Preferred Breed: Solitus



Trader is the ultimate entrepreneur, getting more for less in every single transaction. Like others, they create and trade material goods. But in combat situations, they use unique nanotechnology which enables them to drain opponents of skills, energy and health, transferring those benefits to themselves or their allies. This frequently causes the most formidable opponents to wither to a cracked shell of their former self.
Preferred weapon category: Shotgun
Preferred Breed: Solitus