Prototype Formula

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See Mnemonic Courier, Master's Thesis and Scientific Breakthrough


Test and deliver experimental nano program to client.

Agency: Rome Blue and Old Athen

Level: 100+


"Your assignment is to test experimental software prototypes- Testing is simple, as all you need to do is have (and keep) the software nano running in your NCU."

"Time is of the essence, as these experimental formulas are usually highly unstable. It will be in your best interest to go to the client responsible for the product as soon as possible."

"Find our client Eco-toxicologist Drew located in Mort."

  • Alternate version: "Find our client Virologist Niskala located in 4 Holes." (488, 687, under an array of wind power generators). Full roleplayers who roleplay full commitment to the Clans take note: in the Clan version, the player is delivering a damaging prototype nano formula to an Omni military scientist. However, this is not apparent from the mission description, and is only revealed if the player chooses to follow an extended line of dialogue after the quest is completed. The roleplayer is thus free to enter the extended dialogue or not, and roleplay their reaction to it, as well. Perhaps bringing a 220 friend and removing this threat to humankind...


As with all daily missions, completing Prototype Formula will yield a substantial amount of XP, along with a number of tokens equivalent to successfully completing 2 whole individual missions.


Eco-toxicologist Drew

The Prototype Formula line of missions are simple but involve a slight amount of traveling. A suspicious looking nano will be applied and Agency NCU Analyzer spawn your inventory upon taking up this mission. You must proceed to the mission marker on your map to complete the mission. Upon entering the same field as your mission objective, a DoT will begin to eat away at your health, damaging you for 100 points every 6 seconds or so. The closest entrance to the zone is quite far from the target's location; the DoT will most certainly do ten or more thousands of damage before arrival. Without unusual measures such as a Yalmaha and HoTs, a level 100 will not survive.

Quickly proceed to your mission marker and speak to the NPC in the vicinity of the area. Give Agency NCU Analyzer to the NPC, while completing the mission at the same time.

It is a strategic advantage to get a Fixer Grid to get as close to the objective as possible to minimize damage. The standard grid leads to the sentinels grid terminal in Mort.

Although all the creatures at the oasis, that Drew is presumably studying, are low level, the zone as a whole is filled with much higher level creatures. To the South is a large group, including Greater Anun Cleaver, Sand Demon, Dune Demon, Dune Incubus, Cyborg Sergeant Major, and Sandworm. These can be pulled by other players, near enough to Drew to attack an already weakened character.

  • The alternate version's target location is within 4 Holes, a PvP zone.

NOTE: If you delete Agency NCU Analyzer, Prototype Formula will be canceled from your NCU and your mission will fail.

Difficulty: Strategically, the easiest type of mission. Tactical considerations, which run to problematic for lower levels

Approximate time taken for run: 10-15 minutes


See Eco-toxicologist Drew for that dialogue

All dialogue by FunCom, Anarchy Online

Virologist Niskala: "Hello."
Player: (Give him the NCU Analyzer)
Virologist Niskala: "Be still please. Stop squirming and and give me that thing!"
You feel a tingling sensation as the hostile nano formula in your NCU is removed by the Virologist's nano-weaving.
Player: "What the hell was that?"
He eyes you with a slightly tilted head.
Virologist Niskala: "There... There... Such harsh language is certainly not very fitting, young miss."
"I simply removed the effect of the Prototype Formula."
Player: "It's been hurting like hell ever since I came to Four Holes..."
Virologist Niskala: "Now, now... What did we say about using those god-awful words."
He snorts loudly.
Virologist Niskala: "Actually, if you had payed any attention this was to be expected. Do you think I would pay good money to the agency if the job was easy..."
He changes subject.
Virologist Niskala: "Anyway... This test was successful. I have the data I need and if you excuse me, I have a report to write."
Player: "What is Prototype Formula?"
Virologist Niskala: "It's classified really... Military business...I'm not supposed to be talking about it. Well, you got the job done, congrats... Bye bye."
He tends to his wrist pad.