Kill 100 Rollerrats.

Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue

Level 100-149

Difficulty: Extremely easy

Time: 10


After the grand launch of Serenity Island, roller rats started infesting the area in great numbers claiming the island as theirs. Your assignment is to train all of the roller rats into a special structure that will take care of the pestering annoyance. Kill 100 rollerrats to get your reward.


As with all daily missions, completing Rats! will yield a substantial amount of XP, along with a number of tokens equivalent to successfully completing 2 whole individual missions.


Go to Serenity Island by taking a grid to the ICC then following your compass. Talk to Rookie Exterminator located south to the player city to start the mission. A rollerrat exterminator will spawn near her, and this mean machine has the ability to instantly kill any rollerrat in a 8m radius around it. Begin by running around the island to pull the rats near the turret. Unfortunately, there is no way to see how many rollerrats remaining that needs to be killed so you have to talk to the Rookie from time to time until there is the conversation option "I have killed 100 rollerrats". It is possible to kite in a flying vehicle, although attempting to use a paid point vehicle is potentially dangerous as you may be knocked out of your skateboard/hoovering bike midway through kiting.

Although there are rollerrats scattered throughout the island, there are 3 main clusters of rollerrats. The first is located south from the entrance point to the instance, near the shores of the beach. The second lies north west to the city, near a hillside, while the third lies east to the city. The city itself has quite a number of rollerrats, so do make sure that most of them are pulled. Kiting all 3 clusters, along with those rollerrats littered on the way, will almost certainly guarantee that you will hit the 100 rollerrat mark.

Each rollerrat hits for about 100 damage only, but they may stack damage on you if you are not careful. Although a horde of raging fuming rollerrats behind you may seem rather daunting, they are unlikely to hit you if you keep moving. It is noteworthy however, that their runspeed is shockingly high. Most of them are able to keep up with a yalm without you stopping. If you do die, the mission will restart and you must repeat the entire process again.

Once you have kited a 100 rollerrats and talked to the exterminator, return to the agency. Talk to the receptionist to complete the mission.

Difficulty: Extremely easy

Approximately time taken for run: 10 minutes assuming you do not wipe.

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