Rhinoman Leather Armor

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"The Rhinoman designed this armor to help them hit stuff harder. They really like to hit things, and like it even more when they can do it harder and faster" -Anarchy Online item info description of rhino armor. Individual pieces of Rhinoman Armor add to a single one-hand and two-hand type of melee weapon or hand to hand skills; no profession will be able to use all the bonuses on this armor for their main weapon. On the other hand, the bonuses, especially to Multi Melee, are significant for froob melee professions, and Rhinoman armor boasts completely even defense against all kinds of damage; a coverage only equalled by such armor as Miy's Scary Armor. It will come as no surprise that Rhinoman armor drops from Rhinomen. The maximum QL attainable outdoors is around QL150 which drops from Rhinoman Warchiefs. They are only found in the biggest Rhinoman Villages in Varmint Woods and Upper Stret East Bank. Easiest way to farm high QL Rhinoman gear is to kill just the Warchiefs and leave the others untouched. This way the Warchief respawns much faster.

Rhinoman is one of the many types of armor that seem to compare unfavorably with Carbonum Armor, but actually have much lower requirements at the same QL. The comparison of 200 to 200, below, ignores the fact that Carbonum has requirements of 580 Stamina at 200. Rhinoman requires only 470 Stamina. A more accurate comparison is with QL 162 Carbonum, which requires only 471 Stamina. It has a high AC value of 2683, a medium of 2235, and the notorious Energy / Radiation low of 1109. This makes the only ACs that Carb protects better, its maximums of Melee and Chemical. And only by 116 points, a tiny fraction. The rest of it protects over 300 points lower.

The other chart accurately reflects another of Rhinoman's great strengths. Like many other armors, it is available in much higher QLs than Carbonum.

Appeareance and Features[edit]

Rhinoman Leather Jacket
Rhinoman Leather Sleeve Rhinoman Leather Gloves Rhinoman Leather Sleeve
Rhinoman Leather Pants
Rhinoman Leather Boots

Statistic QL 200[edit]

ProjectileAC: 2567
MeleeAC: 2567
EnergyAC: 2566
FireAC: 2566
ColdAC: 2566
RadiationAC: 2565
ChemicalAC: 2565
PoisonAC: 2565
Max Health: 494
Deflect (Parry): 17
1h Blunt: 28
1h Edged: 28
Piercing: 20
2h Blunt: 37
2h Edged: 37
Melee Ener.: 28
Martial Arts: 20
Mult. Melee: 42
Brawling: 20
Fast Attack: 20
Dimach: 14
Riposte: 20
Run Speed: 20

Statistic QL 300[edit]

ProjectileAC: 3850
MeleeAC: 3850
EnergyAC: 3850
FireAC: 3850
ColdAC: 3850
RadiationAC: 3850
ChemicalAC: 3850
PoisonAC: 3850
Max Health: 725
Deflect (Parry): 25
1h Blunt: 40
1h Edged: 40
Piercing: 30
2h Blunt: 55
2h Edged: 55
Melee Ener.: 40
Martial Arts: 30
Mult. Melee: 60
Brawling: 30
Fast Attack: 30
Dimach: 20
Riposte: 30
Run Speed: 30

Values compared to Carbonum Armor


Equal amounts of Stamina and Strength are required to equip Rhinoman. Both values are less, at the same QL, than the requirements of Carbonum (470 Stamina and Strength vs 580 Stamina and 476 Agility at QL200)


  • Torso: HP +341, 2h Blunt +30, 2h Edged +30
  • Arms: Multi melee +20, 1h Blunt +20, 1h Edged +20, +Melee energy +20
  • Gloves: 2h Edged +25, 2h Blunt +25, Dimach +20, Parry +25, Fast attack +30
  • Pants: HP +153, Martial Arts +20, Brawl +20
  • Boots: Multi melee +20, Piercing +30, Riposte +30, Run speed +30

Breakpoints 2HB 1, 7, 17, 27, 38, 48, 58, 69, 79, 89, 99, 110, 120, 130, 141, 151, 161, 172, 182, 192, 203, 213 +22, , , , , 295 +30

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