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The female of the species, in Varmint Woods

Rhinomen, in the wilds of Rubi-Ka, are a low level mob, all below level 125. They can be found in missions, however, up to very high levels. There is anecdotal evidence, also, for high QLs of armor dropping from the relatively low level Rhinoman Chiefs and other such mobs in Varmint Woods.

Rhinoman society appears to follow patterns that existed in early Earth history and up to the middle of the 20th Century in some locations that were more remote or had access to fewer resources.

Rhinomen are somewhat unusual in that they are often passive; not attacking until provoked, and that they have villages of many huts and campfires, which almost always have a Dyna Camp in the center. Furthermore, most Rhinoman Dynas are in these villages; far less numerous are the small clusters of Rhinomen wandering around a single pole in the ground with a skull on it. Higher level Rhinomen are more likely to be aggressive.

According to game canon on the Anarchy Online Editor News, Rhinomen were introduced to Rubi-Ka by the Eco Warriors, or at least the Eco Warriors claim they did. The Eco Warriors, roughly speaking, object to the results of the terraforming done by Omni-Tek that created all the species currently living on the planet, and insist that the humanoid breeds must leave the planet to restore it to balance. It is unclear, if it is even true that they introduced Rhinomen, what the reason was: were they attempting to rectify mistakes that had been made, or monkeywrench the system that had these mistakes? Perhaps they intended the Rhinomen to be the new sentient inheritors of the planet.

Rhinomen in the south of Aegean have erected a statue of an Eremite, the target of the Infestation Aegean mission, presumably to honor the Eremite as a totem animal or deity, or appease it (their numbers in the camp decreased at about the same time).


Monster Info[edit]

Level Range: 10-125 (outdoors), very low-very high (missions)
Aggressiveness: normally, passive until attacked,
social (aid other Rhinomen).
Higher levels such as Chief and
Berserker are KoS (Kill on Sight)
Frequency: frequent
Size: normal


Rhinoman Grunt
Rhinoman Apprentice
Rhinoman Beater
Rhinoman Basher
Rhinoman Mother
Rhinoman Smasher
Rhinoman Berserker
Rhinoman Berserkeress
Rhinoman Mystic
Rhinoman Chief
Rhinoman Warchief


(Stret West Bank border,Dyna)
Greater Tir County
Newland Desert
(Dynas SW of Meetmedere,
& two east of Desert whompahs,
nine Dynas in all)
Varmint Woods
Upper Stret East Bank

Attack Information:
The weapon QL is the same as the Rhinoman's level.

Melee.gif Rhinomen Main

Attack skills: martial arts - 100%
Defence skills: evade close - 100%
Speed: 2.35 s / 2.35 s
Damage type: melee damage
Range: 2m
Special: 8% chance for Stunned

Melee.gif Rhinoman Headbutt

Attack skills: martial arts - 100%
Defence skills: evade close - 100%
Speed: 2.35 s / 2.35 s
Damage type: melee damage
Range: 2m
Special: none

Melee.gif Rhinoman Teethgore

Attack skills: martial arts - 100%
Defence skills: evade close - 100%
Speed: 2.35 s / 2.35 s
Damage type: melee damage
Range: 2m
Special: none

Item Drops[edit]

Monster Parts Monster Parts

Rhinoman Leather Armor:
Rhinoman Leather JacketRhinoman Leather Jacket
Rhinoman Leather BootsRhinoman Leather Boots
Rhinoman Leather GlovesRhinoman Leather Gloves
Rhinoman Leather PantsRhinoman Leather Pants
Rhinoman Leather SleeveRhinoman Leather Sleeve
"The Rhinoman designed this armor to help them hit stuff harder. They really like to hit things, and like it even more when they can do it harder and faster" -Anarchy Online item info description of rhino armor.

Base of this article was translated from german wiki article found here


  • Herbalist Gerard. Through the ravine east of the wompahs in the Rhino Valley; he gives a quest to obtain Restorative HerbsRestorative Herbs


Unique Encounters[edit]

  • Professor Van Horn
    • Journeyman Durable BoostJourneyman Durable Boost 95%
    • The Expensive Kevlar Vest of Professor Jones The Expensive Kevlar Vest of Professor Jones 5-10%

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