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Commander Brock mind's eye stares unblinking into the fog of war, overseeing the ebb and flow of the tides of dire battle, and a hundred thousand nooblets icing hapless Omni NPCs

Commander Brock, at 2861 744 in Tir County, recognizes the value of a well-equipped fighting force for the Clans and will personally reward active resistance to Omni-Tek with a ring infused with Notum's power. Each time you visit him, as you grow in power, he has a new Dog-Tag Bag, which you may fill as the proof of Omni kills.

The rewards from this mission are small but significant. The player may decide whether they are worth the trouble. It does not take much time to collect the dog tag bags, though. It saves trips to ask him for as many empty bags as you have different types of Dog Tags, plus one empty one. What takes the time is getting 50 uncommon drops from uncommon mobs ranging from level one to 200.

Commander Brock has two other missions for very low level characters: finding Nodda Gregg, and delivering a requisition order to the 'Good Time Party Mixer' in Newland City, both of which potentially lead to new tasks: Nodda Gregg's Missions and the Living Cyber Armor Mission.

The fastest way to Inventor Bobic, Nodda Gregg and Commander Brock is undoubtedly the Emergency Exit in The Grid, which, if you are Clan, will send you straight to the outskirts of Tir.

The Rewards[edit]

Watcher of Tir Ring Watcher of Tir Ring . 1500XP, 2500 CRED
Requirements: Clan Title Level 1; +2 to Strength, Stamina & Perception

Sergeant of Tir Ring Sergeant of Tir Ring
Titlelevel 2; +2 to Strength & Stamina, +4 Agility, +8 Perception.

Captain of Tir Ring Captain of Tir Ring
Titlelevel 3; +4 to Strength, Stamina, Agility & Sense, +12 Perception.

Commander of Tir Ring Commander of Tir Ring
Titlelevel 4; +4 to Strength, Stamina, Agility, Sense, Intelligence & Psychic, +12 Perception, +20 Runspeed.

High Commander of Tir Ring High Commander of Tir Ring
Titlelevel 5; +4 to Strength, Stamina, Agility, Sense, Intelligence & Psychic, +12 Perception, +20 Runspeed, +60 MaxHealth & MaxNano, +60 Projectile, Melee, Energy & Radiation AC.

Finding the Tags[edit]

Generally speaking, the mobs are found in Missions. They are very common in missions, often consisting of half of the mission mobs, and a little less often an entire mission location is filled with only Omni mobs. If you are not planning on doing many missions, or only sneaking, rooting/snaring/calming, or speed/evading through the missions, collection will be a lot harder. However, there are camps of Omni mobs that can fill in the gaps at lower levels.

Grunt dog tags drop from "Amateur" or "Fresh" or "Soft", Omni mobs, around level 1-10. Fresh and Amateur mobs can be found at the lake just outside Newland City, on the south side and in great numbers on the north and northwest sides. They can be found in the desert around Tir, especially in the north. And they can be found in Greater Tir County, East of Commander Brock at the Rock Formations. A Fresh OT Attache spawns at roughly 2100 920 to 40 yards north and to 40 yards east of that point; it will respawn randomly in that area instantaneously.

Rookie dog tags drop from "Rookie" and "Novice" etc Omnis of various NPC-professions and around level 20-30.
There are many Rookies in Varmint Woods, including three at the eastern Omni Outpost at 3840 x 1940 (shown as Neutral on the Creative Student Productions map), and more at 3801,1602. There are more near the Crypto Crackers and Black Hats, a little east of where the river bends east, as the river runs north from the Whompahs
There is a hidden Omni base carved out of a rock formation south of the Cyborg Barracks in Greater Tir County, with six or so Omni mobs in it. The narrow tunnel entrance is at 3285 1835. To the east or south a bit at 3200 2300 to 3200 1575 is George the Unique Reet with the Medical Epaulet drop. In the same area as George, roughly the same number of Rookies were scattered in a wide are, but so many more have been added that the hidden base is almost just a curiousity now. The area was terraformed recently, probably with Patch 18.6 and Patch 18.7, so passage to and from the north is difficult or impossible without flying transportation.
A closely packed group of about seven Rookies can be found in Avalon on the west side of Camelot at around 1800 4000
There are ten or so Rookies inside the walls of an Omni Outpost in Clondyke. The entrance is guarded by a level 120-150 Omni Guard. Guards are a different kind of mob; they have different AI and other codes associated with them (such as freezing a pet in place when the pet owner flies over them in a Yalmaha, whereupon the guard finishes the defenseless pet off at their own, usually fairly rapid, pace), and do not drop dog tags. (& give no XP? Confirm) There are four spawns of Rookies outside the walls. Characters with Yalmahas can fly inside the walls, and pull the guards outside, far enough away so the Rookies inside can be attacked without attracting the attention of the guards.

Varmint Woods Omni Outpost.

Greater Tir County, south of Cyborg Barracks

Regular dog-tags drop from Seasoned Omnis(level 100+). They are found in Stret East Bank, north of the 2HO grid exit, at the ferry terminal from 4 Holes.

Elite dog tags drop from Veteran Omnis.

Commander dog tags drop from Ace Omnis.

Filling the bags[edit]

Combining the tags with the bag is a tradeskill process. This is most easily performed by picking up the source item, in this case the Dog Tag, holding down the shift key, and right clicking it on the target item, in this case, the Dog-tag Bag.


Tradeskill Process[edit]

The combination of items in Anarchy Online works as follows:

Open the tradeskill window (Ctrl-t). Here you can place the Source (often a tool) in the left box, and the Target in the middle box. two items you want to combine. The resulting product item, or Result, if there is one, will be displayed in the right box. The number of possible combinations that can be made with any item as Source or Target, even if that number is zero, will be shown below the box. A detailed look on the Result item is possible with a simple shift-left-click on it. This examination can be performed upon items in storage packs. Until a combination is performed, the items remain in their storage packs, and do not move to main inventory if the Tradeskill window is closed. If there is no free inventory space before combining items, the item will end in the overflow window, even if items are consumed in the process, leaving an inventory space.

Dog-tag Bag Dog-tag Bag + Grunt dog-tag Grunt Dog Tag = Dog-tag Bag with one Grunt dog-tag Dog-tag Bag with one Grunt dog-tag

Only Grunt Dog Tags can now be combined with this. Add another Grunt Dog Tag and it becomes a Dog-tag Bag with two Grunt dog-tags, and so on.

There is no reason to carry around The bags are only ever one kind of item and therefore interchangeable; any bag can be combined with any grade of tag. They only become a specific item, that can only receive a specific grade of tag, once they have been combined with a single tag. At anytime, you can simply repeat your request for a ring, and receive another bag, which could save time.

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