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Stowaway Rollerrat on the Landing Pad at ICC Shuttleport, with the same red coloration as Matriarchs and Queens
Rollerrats are vermin introduced to Rubi-Ka and are now widespread. Their tenacious and territorial attitude tends to be the bane of newcomers, whom they chase relentlessly. Known for their rubbery body and strong legs, tail, and truck which allows them to roll about as their main form of locomotion. They emit a distinctive piercing screech before attacking by spitting blobs of vile chemicals at opponents.

Monster Info

Level Range: 1 - 30
Aggressiveness: Proximity Aggression
Frequency: frequent
Size: very small


Rollerrat, Contagious, Diseased, Epidemic,
Frightened (Missions), Matriarch, Scourge,
Pestilence, Plague, Stowaway (ICC Shuttleport)
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In most areas
Harry's West of the wall.

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The weapon QL is the same as the Rollerrat's level.

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Item Drops

Monster Parts Monster Parts Monster Parts, used to make Blood Plasma
Undamaged Piece of Rubbery Rollerrat Flesh Undamaged Piece of Rubbery Rollerrat Flesh, used to make and upgrade a Rollerrat Helmet, and a required item in the OT Tailor Missions
Undamaged Roller-Rat tail Undamaged Roller-Rat tail, used in Clan Starter Quest with Tirbo Ratcatcher
Rollerrat Queens and Matriarchs do not drop Flesh. Instead, they drop:
Rollerrat Queen Blood Rollerrat Queen Blood used in City Tradeskills Stowaway Rollerrats at ICC Shuttleport drop only credits



See Tirbo Ratcatcher Quest
Contact NPC: Tirbo Ratcatcher, West of West Athen, in the vicinity of 325 x 360, seems to wander a bit and can be pulled by opposing faction of course.

Reward is level-dependent armor up to level 20. 20 was also the max level for quest, but it now appears to be either unavailable, or related to owned gear. Largely redundant with Newcomer's Armor but might suit new players especially Neutrals. And it can be sold for cash.


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