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The City of Rome

In the southwest of the terraformed zone sits Rome, an Omni-Tek aligned city once hailed as the planned home of the post lease democratic government.


OT Mission Agency, Rome Blue

In 29282 Omni-3 was constructed and called 'Rome', after the Terran city of the same name. This construction finished about the same time that the construction of Tir was really getting underway and would seem to be Omni-Tek's answer to the complaints of the Clans in suggesting that there will be a democracy on Rubi-Ka after the lease is up.

Present Day[edit]

True to its name sake, Rome is a towering city with grand architecture that infuses Omni-Tek's retrofuturistic Art Deco buildings with a gothic/noir aesthetic; add in thousands of lights and the city is quite breathtaking at night. The city is divided into three major districts: the red district is centrally located in the city and contains most of the open spaces and park areas as well as the travel networks like the Grid and Whompahs, the blue district lies on the eastern side of the city and is the entrance to Rome from the outside as well as the home to many businesses and residences, the green district lies next to the Outzones and is a mirror of the blue district except the placement of the Whompah to Jobe

Rome Red.


Rome Blue and Rome Green are mirrors of each other, so almost all the major shops and services found on one place will be found in the mirror of the that place in the other area.

Rome Red
  • Grid services can be found at (250,320) in Rome Red. Rome is a Second Tier grid city so you will need a Computer Literacy score of 90 or greater to use the machine.
  • A whompah to Jobe Platform in the flying city of Jobe can be found at (415,315) in Rome Green. Remember though, to use it you must have the Shadowlands expansion pack to use the portal.
  • In Rome Blue a Tower shop can be found on an upper ledge at (675,360).
  • Global Market Search terminals can be found in Rome Blue at (660,230) and at (300,230) in Rome Green
The Advanced Supermarket in Rome Blue, with its Art Deco / Ancient Greek Revival ornamentation over the door

Sights to See[edit]

  • There is a Prison, inconspicuously placed at (725,300) in Rome Blue


  • Windcaller Cerrak can be found in an alley at (425,225) in Rome Green discretely guarding a portal to the Temple of the Three Winds. If you talk to him he will extol the praises of the Temple Cult, and ask for a donation. Donate 1000 credits and he will part with the key to using that portal, usable by characters level 60 and below.

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