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Map of Rubi-Ka by Creative Student Productions. Click on image to enlarge
The ICC's orbital facilities oversee the influx of new arrivals to Rubi-Ka

Rubi-Ka is the planet within and the main setting of Anarchy Online.

Many mysteries surround the planet, but it is most noted for the presence of Notum. A substance that is used to stabilize and control Nano-Technology. The history of Rubi-Ka is inextricably linked to Notum, to Omni-Tek, the company that mines and sells Notum, the miners that Omni-Tek bioengineered to work the Notum that later became the Clans, and the Interstellar Confederation of Corporations (ICC) that leased the planet to Omni-Tek.

The inhabited portions of the planet are, by and large, verdant and of temperate climate in the south, and arid and inhospitable in the north, despite the presence of water. It may be that the twin suns Rubi-Ka orbits accounts for this.

Rubi-Ka is tectonically very active. The weather is changeable; lightning storms and dust storms spring up intermittently.

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Rubi-Ka is wracked not only by the war between Omni-Tek and the Clans, but by its own weather

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