Rubi-Ka Bars


Visit 10 Rubi-ka bars

Agency All

Level 175+


Commissioned by Plumbo XXX via the agency, your job is to hand out leaflets promoting their products.

Visit all the Rubi-Ka Bars and hand whoever is in charge a leaflet!

The Cup (West Athen)
Relax Bar (Omni Forest)
The Grind (ICC HQ in Andromeda)
Neuters 'R' Us (Newland City)
Reets Retreat (Stret West Bank)
Rompa Bar (Omni Entertainment)
Baboons! (Omni Entertainment)
Enjoy it While it Lasts (Tir)
The Happy Rebel (Tir)
Beer 'n' Booze (Hope in Mort)

As part of the Freelancer Inc. services you will recieve an Equipment Pack in your inventory - This pack contains important items you will need to complete this mission.


XP and Mission Tokens *2


Visit 10 bars giving each owner a leaflet from the provided Plumbo XXX Leaflet Book Plumbo XXX Leaflet Book. The map mission locator changes after each location making the next bar easy to find. To get a leaflet from the book right click on the book. Omni/Clan beware bars are located in cities across all factions. When completed return to the agency for your reward.

Only a few bosses where any trouble finding.

  • Rita Deluth of Reets Retreat located in a large room on the north aside of the building.
  • Candi Rose of Baboons! is located in room in the North West corner of the building.