Safe Passage


The village is being attacked by creatures, the Seeker would like you to help kill them

NPC: Seeker Aban Kald-Nuir at Silence, Nascense (1860x695)


Speak to Seeker Aban Kald-Nuir, he will ask for you aid killing some creatures and hand you a 'Population Density Sensor' to measure the effect.


10 Spinetooth Hatchlings
10 Malah-Anas

Both mobs can be found on islands to the north. The one with the Redeemed Statue "Core" and the other island with the Unredeemed Statue "Core" and Redeemed Statue "Wetlands". Once completed, return to Seeker Aban Kald-Nuir with the Population density sensor.

These mobs occasionally drop a DOJA Chip Nascense DOJA Chip Nascense, when you right click on it you receive a mission to return the device to scientist in Jobe Research to earn enough XP to increase a level. This mission is limited to once every 18 hours.

Malah-Anas has dropped Compact Message Datadisc Compact Message Datadisc to return to Seeker Aban Kald-Nuir to receive one of several Compact Message Datadisc Missions.


Saboteur's Armor Gloves Saboteur's Armor Gloves - the specific item varies with your prefession