Santa Leet Workshop

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Announcement from Funcom

The 18.4.13 Holiday Extravaganza Update is Live!

Santaleet and his non-union labor staff of Elfleets are in trouble! The alien general Grin'Cha and the special Kyr'Ozch forces have invaded Rubi-ka. They have prevented Santaleet from distributing loot to all the good Clan and Omni citizens. Teach Grin'Cha the true meaning of Leetmas by forcibly enlarging his heart 3 sizes after exposing it to high energy particle beams!

Join us for this year's Holiday Festivities!

Fight to take back the holidays from the invading forces of the Kyr'Ozch in five brand-new minigame activities!

Take on Santaleet's greatest threat ever. It's up to you to stop General Grin'Cha from stealing all the loot in Santaleet's workshop. This is an instanced encounter for all levels.

New Holiday Goodies such as Icicle Swords, Boogaloo Suits, Snow Hecklers, and much more! (Read the 18.4.13 complete update notes here.)


Santa Leet Workshop is a new Christmas instance added during the 2011 Holiday celebrations with patch 18.4.13. He needs your help with Aliens in his workshop. There five rooms each with there own mission. Upon completing the mission in a room you earn a reward and another mission which gives you access to six room with the big bad Alien Commander - Grin'Cha and his deadly spawn.

For a list of all loot dropped loot check out the Christmas 2011 Loot List

Christmas Tree at Newland City.jpg

Access to Workshop[edit]

To obtain Santa Leet's Workshop mission, talk to a Santa Leet found under a Christmas trees located in Newland City, Rome Blue or Old Athen.

Santa Leet: Sup? Can you halp me with something?
You: What do you need help with?
Santa Leet: Aliumz have attacked mah workshop. My Elfleets need help before Christmas is teh ruined!
You: Your workshop? Where is it?
Santa Leet: It'z a secret, so don't tell too many peoplez. Over by Uncle Bazzit's, lewk for a little, leet-sized door. Here are the coordz. Good luck and thanks!
You: Goodbye

You receive the following mission which expires after 24 hours

Investigate Santa Leet's gif...
Investigate Santa Leet's gift factory
Something must have gone terribly wrong in Santa Leet's factory. There will be no presents this year unless you set things right.
Realtime left: 0 days, 23 hours, 53 minutes.

Travel to Meetmedere in Newland Desert using the grid. On the outside of Uncle Bazzit's Workshop along the left wall behind a barrel is an access panel. You enter the workshop through there and in the Navigation Room.
Santa Leet Workshop Entrance.jpg

Navigation Room[edit]

Use the elevator you are in the Transportation Room. Use the elevator access different rooms.

{{safesubst:#if:|294186.gif ]|294186.gif}} Snowball Throwing Gallery
{{safesubst:#if:|294363.gif ]|294363.gif}} Gift Wrapping Room
{{safesubst:#if:|294451.gif ]|294451.gif}} Package Sorting Room
{{safesubst:#if:|294528.gif ]|294528.gif}} Factory Room
{{safesubst:#if:|294526.gif ]|294526.gif}} Factory Storage Room
{{safesubst:#if:|294399.gif ]|294399.gif}} Transportation Room

Once you finish the mission in one of the rooms return to this room to take the elevator Transportation Room with Heavily Wrapped Alien Infested Gift.

Snowball Throwing Gallery[edit]

Snowball Throwing Gallery with Leet.jpg

  • Talk to Scared Elfleet and get mission Assist the Elfleet Mission
  • Get snowball {{safesubst:#if:|37933.gif ]|37933.gif}} Nano Crystal (Throw Snowball v2.2) from leet
  • Kill 10 Alien Infested Gifts in a row within 4 minutes
  • Reward {{safesubst:#if:|294186.gif ]|294186.gif}} Play Costume - Holiday Series #2
  • Take elevator back to the Navigation Room
  • Buff Up and take the elevator to Transportation Room fight Fleet Commander - Grin'Cha

Assist the Elfleet Mission[edit]


Assist the Elfleet.
Throw a snowball on all the Alien Infested Gifts. You have to hit at least 10 of them in a row. If you hit something else, you have to start over.

Realtime left: 0 days, 00 hours, 04 minutes
Item reward:

{{safesubst:#if:|294186.gif ]|294186.gif}} (NODROP)
Receive Defeat the Alien Commander Mission

Gift Wrapping Room[edit]

Gift Wrapping Room.jpg

  • Talk to Assembly Line Elfleet to get mission
  • Tradeskill 5 gifts and give to leet. They must reach the end of the conveyor belt to count toward the mission
  • Some presents turn into Alien Infested Gift and must be killed

Gift Assembly[edit]


An Assembly Line Elfleet is in dire need of assistance. His workers have all scattered throughout the factory when the attack began, leaving this loyal leet far behind meeting his quota.
Assemble 5 presents for the leet. Place a toy within a box, wrap it, and hand it to the Elfleet. Only gifts that reach the end of the conveyer belt will count.

Realtime left: 0 days, 00 hours, 10 minutes.
Item reward:

{{safesubst:#if:|294363.gif ]|294363.gif}}
Receive Defeat the Alien Commander Mission

Package Sorting Room:[edit]

Package Sorting Room.jpg

  • Talk to Elfleet Foreman to get mission
  • Kill all Aliens infested presents before they escape via the elevator.

Stop the Presents Mission[edit]


An Elfleet Foreman has asked you, in the only way he knows how, to assist in the removal of aliens that have been caught in a present storage area.
If any aliens make it through the elevator, the mission will start over.

Realtime left: 0 days, 00 hours, 09 minutes.
Item reward:
{{safesubst:#if:|37933.gif ]|37933.gif}}
{{safesubst:#if:|294451.gif ]|294451.gif}}
Receive Defeat the Alien Commander Mission

Factory Room[edit]

Factory Room.jpg

  • Upon arriving in the room you get a mission to releases all the Leets by destroying the Kyr'Ozch Prison holding them
  • Kill attacking Invader - Jaax'Sinuh
  • Do not step on the Kyr'Ozch Mines
  • Talk to Factory Supervisor

Release the Leets[edit]


You have found a room of leets captured by the invading forces.
Release all 5 Elfleets from capture. Speak to the Factory Supervisor when all leets have been freed.

Realtime left: 0 days, 00 hours, 09 minutes.
Item reward:
{{safesubst:#if:|37933.gif ]|37933.gif}}
{{safesubst:#if:|294528.gif ]|294528.gif}}
Receive Defeat the Alien Commander Mission

Factory Storage Room[edit]

Factory Storage Room.jpg

  • The room has Alien mobs Invader - Jaax'Sinuh running around
  • Look for the leet behind boxes the far right side of the room
  • Talk to him and offer to help
  • Then follow him to the elevator protecting him along the way against Aliens.
  • Once there talk to it again to get your reward and next mission

Eleet Escape[edit]


Locate the factory leet that has hidden himself in this storage room. Once you have made contact, escort the leet as he leads you to the elevator.

Realtime left: 0 days, 00 hours, 09 minutes.
Item reward:
{{safesubst:#if:|37933.gif ]|37933.gif}}
{{safesubst:#if:|294526.gif ]|294526.gif}}
Receive Defeat the Alien Commander Mission

Transportation Room[edit]

Fleet Commander - Grin'Cha.jpg

  • You get access to this room for 60 minuets after finishing one of the room missions.
  • Fight Fleet Commander - Grin'Cha
  • Tip: some of the presents in the room completely heal you
  • Heavily Wrapped Alien Infested Gift start appearing causing nanobots damage.
  • The Heavily Wrapped Alien Infested Gift mobs does not disappear when the commander is defeated
  • Talk to Santa Leet to leave
  • After leaving the room you can not return to loot.

Defeat the Alien Commander Mission[edit]


After assisting one of Santa Leet's helpers, it is time to confront the mastermind of this invasion.
Return to the workshop's Navigation Room and then head up to the Transportation Room.

Realtime left: 0 days, 00 hours, 55 minutes.
Item reward:

{{safesubst:#if:|294399.gif ]|294399.gif}} (NODROP, UNIQUE)
Receive mission that prevents from taking another Santa Leet mission for 8 minutes

Santa Leet's Workshop Cleanup[edit]


Santa Leet sends you his thanks for rescuing his workshop from an alien invasion. After this brief rest, you will be able to attempt to save his workshop again.

Realtime left: 0 days, 00 hours, 08 minutes.