Scavenger: Avalon

Submachine Gun Stock in the Perpetual Wastelands version of the Mission

Evade or fight Cyborgs in their Barracks in Avalon to claim objects scattered across the inner courtyard.

Unlike the drops for Infiltration Preparation, the scope, stock and barrel items cannot be collected unless the mission is active, and they are NODROP and UNIQUE.

The expression, "lock, stock, and barrel" means, "everything", while emphasizing a sweeping totality. Similar phrases: "the Works", "the whole kit and kaboodle", "everything but the kitchen sink", "wall to wall", "the whole ball of wax, "the whole enchilada, "the whole nine yards, "the whole schmear, and "the whole shooting match".


Find and deliver three weapon parts to agency.

Agency Old Athens. Rome Blue - unconfirmed

Level 70+, possibly lower

Difficulty: With a Yalmaha or calms, one of the easiest daily missions. Calm and collect, or stay in the Yalmaha, swoop down to pick up parts and quickly climb back to high altitude. At lower levels, without a Yalm, and without calms, see the Walkthrough

Time: 5-15 minutes


One of our clients has contacted the Agency to retrieve expensive gadgetry gone missing in Perpetual Wastelands, in the area around the cyborg hideout.

You're commissioned to collect the stock, the scope and the barrel of a Plasma Cannon.

Return to the Agency Receptionist when you have all three parts.


Variable amount of SK and tokens.


Travel to Cyborg Barracks in Avalon, there you need to find Plasma Cannon Barrel Plasma Cannon Barrel, Plasma Cannon Scope Plasma Cannon Scope, Plasma Cannon Stock Plasma Cannon Stock and deliver them to agency.

The various Cyborg Technicians are the lowest, base level borgs against which the Guards and Engineer are to be measured. The Engineer at the north end can spawn at a pretty high level, but usually the Corporal in the southeast corner is the toughest of the borgs. With careful timing and observation, or just lucky spawns, it should be possible to get all three parts without alerting the Corporal

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