Scavenger: Perpetual Wastelands

Submachine Gun Stock
Submachine Gun Scope
Submachine Gun Barrel


Find and deliver three weapon parts to agency.

Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue

Level 200+

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 5-15 minutes


One of our clients has contacted the Agency to retrieve expensive gadgetry gone missing in Perpetual Wastelands, in the area around the cyborg hideout.

You're commissioned to collect the stock, the scope and the barrel of a Submachine Pistol.

Return to the Agency Receptionist when you have all three parts.


Variable amount of SK and tokens.


Travel to Cyborg Hideout in Perpetual Wastelands, there you need to find Submachine Gun Barrel Submachine Gun Barrel, Submachine Gun Scope Submachine Gun Scope, Submachine Gun Stock Submachine Gun Stock and deliver them to agency.

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