Second Clan Shoulderpads Mission

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Who You Need To Talk To[edit]

Dodga Demarcel at Rising Sun Plateau, Wartorn Valley (610,1120)

Items That You Will Need[edit]

Dodga's Card I Dodga's Card I Given by Dodga at the end of previous mission
TK III Decoder TK III Decoder Given by Dodga when shown Dodga's Card I
Transmission Bug Transmission Bug Given by Dodga when shown Dodga's Card I

What To Do[edit]

To begin the mission you will need to return to Dodga Demarcel, the contact NPC for the first mission. If you don't remember, he is on top of Rising Sun plateau, just south of Wartorn Valley. If you don't own a Yalmaha yet then the entrance can be a little difficult to find as you will need to swim through the waterfall and run up a secret passage found the other side of it. Dodga is standing under a large tent in the centre of the plateau. Give him the card he gave you last time, and he will give you a new mission. This time he wants you to go and find the leader of the robots and his immediate followers, so you can't complete any of the mission before visiting Dodga as you could with part one.

Once you receive the mission you now have seven days to complete it, if you cannot complete it within this time it will close and you will need to do part one again before you can have another go, so make sure you are ready before accepting it. As well as the mission you will receive a Decoder and a stack of 100 transmission bugs, these are both needed to complete the mission so keep them safe.

As you find each robot you will first need to target it, your mission will now complete and a new one will appear asking you to place a bug, pick up the stack of bugs and right click on the robot. Your mission will now complete again and a new find person mission will appear, ready for you to target the next robot. You can now use the Decoder on that robot to find the name and location of the next one, be patient as it can take a while before the information is obtained. The robots must be found and bugged in the correct order, so you will need to travel back and forth across Rubi-Ka quite a lot.

Where to find them[edit]

Trash King West Athen, Junkyard (1600x1000)
Trash King Lackey West Athen, Junkyard (1600x1000)
Electro Unique Wailing Wastes, Boka crater (600x900 to 600x2000)
Nuts & Bolts Wartorn Valley (700x650)
Greasy Joints Newland Desert(900x950)
Live Metal Greater Tir County,Bot Mountain (1500 x 2100)
Best of Brass Galway Shire Outside Rome Blue (400x800)
Metalomania Lush Fields,Harry's Trading post (2970x3040)
Galvano Greater Omni Forest (2000x2300)


First Update Syringe That's it, all done. Just return to your agent and give him back the decoder to receive some credits and experience, and most important your update syringe for the pads. Use your syringe on the pads you are wearing to update them to level two. Dodga's Card II

You will also receive this card as a reward. Be sure to hold on to this, as you will need it when you do the Third Clan Shoulderpads Mission. If you lose it, you will have to do both mission over again.

The Pads[edit]

Clan Shoulderpads for the Learned

Clan Shoulderpads for the Learned


Level 40

Not Omni


Max Health 100

First Aid 12

Max Nano Energy 100

Projectile AC 45

Melee AC 45

Chemical AC 45

Radiation AC 45

Cold AC 45

Poison AC 45

Fire AC 45


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