Seedy Growth 1/3


Collect seeds and return to agency to give them to agent.

Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue

Level Confirmed 150

Difficulty: easy

Time: 10 minutes


Strange plants have been found in many places on Rubi-Ka and we believe they are alien. The seeds have proven to be useful in medical research, and we commission you to collect three seeds.

You will find the plants in the desert of Milky Way.

Target an Alien Plant, and right-click the Seed Box to take a seed.


Various amount of AXP and tokens.


There are two assigned locations. Low level characters receive a location outside of Newland City and high level characters to North side of Milky Way. Follow the mission directions. Target plant and right click seed box in your inventory. Do this for three plants. The mission is updated after each time. Return to agency and give agent "Seed Box With Three Plant Samples" to complete the mission.

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