Sentinel's Graffiti


Go to Sentinel Post and tag outside signs

Agency Rome Blue - There is no clan version of equivalent level, just as there is no Omni version of Foreman's Graffiti at 50-75

Level Confirmed 128, 141

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 15


Our client wishes to eradicate some of the Clan Propaganda in The Sentinels in Mort. You're commissioned to locate and adjust three signs promoting the Clans, and leave your own message. Beware, your action might lead to political consequences.

Note: Use Nano Spray on a poster to leave your message.


  • Variable XP
  • Mission tokens * 2


Fly to sentinel outpost in mort. Target thesigns and right-click with Omni-Tek Nano-Spray device. Return agency when mission changes to collect reward

Sign locations:

  • North east /waypoint 1985.7, 1270.7, 560
  • Middle /waypoint 1891.9, 1183.5, 560
  • South /waypoint 1884.9, 1085.7, 560