The most prominent Clans, and a Legacy Clan, prominent in the early years, the Sentinels maintain the highest level of support among the disparate Clans because, when it is all said and done, they exemplify the core value of all Clans: opposition to Omni-Tek. Their push for armed opposition has fueled much of the clan war effort even in the face of more moderate powers like Henry Radiman. The Sentinels are known for their ruthlessness towards Omni-Tek, their outspoken criticism of those Clansmen who make any concessions to Omni-Tek, and their disdain of Neutrals whom they view as cowards.

Leader: Simon Silverstone, Solitus 220 Soldier

Location: Tir

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Much is known about the Sentinels, as they are perhaps the most outspoken of all the clans, and are quite large. They rule all of Tir, as their guards have free reign through the city. They want nothing but to completely destroy the corporation, and they only way they can see that happening is war. Like Omni-Tek citizens, Sentinels opinions may be the opinion of their leaders, but if there were a speech that would make them cheer the loudest, it would probably be this: To the Sentinels, every person who is not fighting Omni-Tek is squandering their life, the most important thing they have to give, and missing the only opportunity that matters: making the world a better place.


No one dislikes the Sentinels more than Omni-Tek. The corporation holds the Sentinels responsible for numerous incidents that they have deemed "terrorist attacks". There is a stronger correlation between the threat their power poses to OT and the crimes they are accused of than between the crimes and actual evidence, but it is still safe to say there are few personnel files of greater length than the one Omni-Pol has on Silverstone.

Simon Silverstone is a charismatic and powerful leader. He is candid and opinionated, and is unashamed of disagreeing. The Sentinels have few true allies, as most of the clanners either love or hate them, and those that love them usually just join up with them. However, most of the Council realizes the importance and the power that the Sentinels hold. The Sentinels are always tolerated, but they are not always supported. Weary of war, many of the other clans see their refusal to abandon it as destructive to their final goals. Even if they had not boycotted the Council, they are not seen as a constructive influence in a peace process, and Silverstone could not have been granted the same amount of power they wield in the real world.

The town of Sparta is their headquarters; it doubles as the Sentinels' military base where basic training is offered to new clan members. They do not hesitate to use violence to complete a mission and whenever something happens to the Corporation they Sentinels are somewhere near the top of the list of usual suspects.

The Sentinels banned all Neutrals as well as Omni citizens from Tir. If you aren't against Omni-Tek, you aren't with the Sentinels. Inasmuch as their are many things other than faction that they count as being "not against OT", this goes for some of the Clans, too.

One cannot describe Omni-Tek by describing the Clans. But OT's faults are the only way to describe the Sentinels. Slavery. Oppression. Inhumanity. In the end, beyond what the Clans could do themselves, better, this is all Omni-Tek is, this is what exemplifies them. But what the Sentinels in particular are, and all they stand for, is the removal of those things. The removal of Omni-Tek.

Feelings about the Council of Truth[edit]

As much as the Sentinels wish to completely ignore the other clans, and as much as they probably could and get away with it, the Sentinels have an appreciation of PR in their own way. Ultimately, the majority of clanners are in favor of the Council, and while the Sentinels do not care much about impressing Radiman or any of the major clans, they do understand that they have a lot of support from clanners that they would loose if they completely disregarded the Council. So, the Sentinels reluctantly take part, and try to point out as much as possible that they do not think they should need to take part in the Council.

Attitude Towards the Other Clans[edit]

  • The Unionists: The Sentinels have a lot of respect for the Unionists for their willingness to work, as well as their mutual hatred for Omni-Tek.
  • Terra Firma: The Sentinels see politics as a necessary part of war, and so they understand the necessity for Terra Firma.
  • The Knights of Avalon: The Sentinels see the Knights as weak due to their indecisive attitude towards the war. To the Sentinels, the Knights are all show and they see them more as Radiman's yes-men than anything else.
  • New Dawn: New Dawn want negotiations with Omni-Tek. The Sentinels will make no concessions to Omni-Tek. Negotiations that cross that line are crossing the Sentinels.
  • The Pilgrims: The Pilgrims' willingness to help neutrals as well as Clanners has taken them off of the Sentinels' list of true allies.
  • Vanguard: To the Sentinels, Vanguard are nothing more than spineless businessmen. They see them as a weaker if more useful version of Omni-Tek.
  • Eco Warriors: The Sentinels respect the audacity of the Eco Warriors demands, and while they have no plan of leaving Rubi-Ka anytime soon, the Sentinels have in common with the Eco Warriors, the objective of helping Omni-Tek leave the planet.
  • Gaia: Like the Eco Warriors, Gaia's plans are radical, and the Sentinels appreciate that. However, they do not see the need to divert resources from the war effort to build a new world while Omni-Tek's still stands in the way.