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This is about the process of assembling the ultimate product. For the process of cutting the gems that can be set in rings, see Gem Cutting. For the Agency mission to cut five gems, see Jewelry (Daily Mission). For the process of making rings from metal, see Filigree Rings. For the process of smelting down metal from rings and other loot, see Precious Metal

Rubi-Ka gems can be cut and set; metal can be melted down and made into rings; each of the four parts of the process add value, until the final product is worth many times more than the original ingredients. Note however that the two lines of the process, gems and rings, are much easier to perform separately than the final process shown here. To get the most value out of the product, the QLs of gem and ring must be matched, so this usually means waiting until the right QLs drop. The player must decide how to balance lost value sitting in inventory and value lost by selling the ingredients separately.

Shadow Gems are neat little gem stones that you find in the Shadowlands. What is so cool about them is that you can make jewelry out of them that gives small buffs to certain stats. The degree that the gemed ring buffs you is dependent on the QL of the ring and the type of metal used to make the ring: Silver being the worst and Platinum being the best. These rings are also completely unlocked so anybody, even froobs, can use them to buff themselves.

It should also be noted that shadow gems behave differently in the AO economy than RK gems. When you cut and polish a Shadow gem it actually loses value, and it loses even more value when you place it in a ring. So if you are going to sell Shadow Gems than simply sell them as you find them, or sell the rings to other players (especialy froobs) as buffing items.

Required skills[edit]

  • MechanicalEngineering (ME)

Required Items and Tools[edit]

Component *1 Location min. QL
Jensen Gem Cutter R Shop - Tools for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering 10
Shadowgem C Drops everywhere
in the Shadowlands
85% of the ring
Silver/Gold/Platinum Filigree Ring C Tradeskill Item
Tradeskill Guide
End QL
*1 R = reuseable, C = consumed

You can use all 3 kinds of Filigree Rings but the results will have a different amount of Skills you get from them.
The order beginning with the highest Bonus you get is:

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Silver

Tradeskill Process[edit]

The combination of items in Anarchy Online works as follows:

Open the tradeskill window (Shift + T). Here you can place the two items you want to combine in the left and middle part. The resulting Item will be shown in the right area. Missing skills, or non possible combinations will be shown below. A detailed look on the resulting item is possible with a simple shift-left-click on it. It is recommended to have free inventory space before combining items, else the item will end in the overflow window.

This example shows the combination between thePlatinum Ring and an Almandine Gem.
All other rings can be build on the same way.

Jensen Gem Cutter + Almandine = Perfectly Cut Almandine Skills: ME
Jensen Gem Cutter Almandine Perfectly Cut Almandine 5 x QL
Perfectly Cut Almandine + Platinum Filigree Ring = Platinum Filigree Ring set with a Perfectly Cut Almandine Skills: ???
Perfectly Cut Almandine Platinum Filigree Ring Platinum Filigree Ring set with a Perfectly Cut Almandine ?

Shadow Gem Rings[edit]

Here you see a list of all gems that exist ingame and what skills they give.
You could also use the same gems from Rubi-Ka but they don't offer the skill bonus which you get from the SL ones.

Even if the skills you get from each ring is very small they can be used to twink low level chars between lvl 1 - ~20 really good.
The good thing about these rings is they have no requirements to equip.

Of the nanoskills rings, the only ones that offer something that the Third Ring of the Inner Sanctum rings do not are the Diamond and Emerald rings. Other than allowing a second ring with the same bonus. This is because the rings can only be made up to QL 250 maximum, although the database shows 400; the bonus is the same: +5. The Diamond is especially good for Trader skills and Bureaucrat roots, and the Emerald, for Martial Artist skills and Adventurer Calms.

Players seeking a Psychic ring will need to turn elsewhere, such as the Fractured Nightmare ring from Steps of Madness

Icon Gem Bonus in QL 400     Icon Gem Bonus in QL 400
Almandine Almandine Strength
Platinum Filigree Ring Amber Amber Melee init
Ranged init
Physical init
Platinum Filigree Ring
Aquamarine Aquamarine Max health
Sensory improvement
Psychological modifications
Platinum Filigree Ring Balas ruby Balas ruby Offense modifier Platinum Filigree Ring
Black opal Black opal Defense modifier Platinum Filigree Ring Chrysoberyl Chrysoberyl Max health
Heal delta
Platinum Filigree Ring
Coral Coral Max health
Heal delta
Nano delta
Platinum Filigree Ring Demantoid Demantoid Projectile damage modifier
Melee damage modifier
Energy damage modifier
Platinum Filigree Ring
Diamond Diamond Psychological modifications
Time and space
Platinum Filigree Ring Emerald Emerald Sensory improvement
Biological metamorphosis
Platinum Filigree Ring
Fire opal Fire Opal Max health
Fire AC
Platinum Filigree Ring Jet Jet Matter metamorphosis
Nano init
Platinum Filigree Ring
Pearl Pearl Chemical AC
Cold damage modifier
Platinum Filigree Ring Red beryl Red beryl Stamina
Platinum Filigree Ring
Ruby Pearl Ruby Pearl Intelligence
Platinum Filigree Ring Sapphire Sapphire Matter metamorphosis
Biological metamorphosis
NCU memory
Platinum Filigree Ring
Star Ruby Star Ruby Matter creation
Time and space
Max nano
Platinum Filigree Ring Topaz Topaz Projectile AC
Energy AC
Platinum Filigree Ring
Water opal Water Opal Max nano
Nano delta
Platinum Filigree Ring White opal White Opal Cold AC
Poison AC
Platinum Filigree Ring

See Also[edit]

Jewelry Creation at AO Universe - shows an outdated list of cut gem values. Rubi-Ka rubies are still lower value, but the Blue Pearl by Conner is normal price, and a few of the odd-shaped gems such as Soul Gem and Ember are high. Rubi-Ka Pearls are high.
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