Smuggler's Den


Smug den eingang.jpg Smuggler's Den is in Southern Fouls Hills (1740,880).


The nearest save point is an outpost north of Smugglers Den in Southern Fouls Hills; this is in the political zone at 25% gas.

The instance itself was made for players from level 90 - 150 but there is no lock.

Loot from normal monsters[edit]

The Den Mantises are partially tightly packed. Especially lower level players should step carefully and/or bring a calmer to the instance. A few mantises (e.g. Den Mantis Earthmelder) are capable of casting nanos of about their level, including debuffs on players.

Mantis Monster[edit]

The Den Mantis xxx can be found with different names:
Digger / Drone / Earthmelder / Forager / Runner / Scout / Burrower / Worker


These parts can be used to make the Metallic Mantis Armor. The QL range of these pieces goes from about QL75 to QL140, with some rare exceptions being lower/higher.

Another possible drop is the Mantis Predator Blade, which also comes in different QLs, peaking out at QL120, though.

There are also some profession NODROP items to be found:

The Prothorax (Soldier) drops only as QL100, everything else varies similar to the armor pieces in the range from about QL75-140.

Mantis Breeder[edit]

Den Mantis Breeder is located in the same room as the Mantis Queen.



Smug den mob smuggler.jpg

The Smuggler xxx can be found with different names in the instance.

Brute/Technician/Thug/Smuggler/Warden/Loot Controller

There are mutants, beasts and a leet here as well. Drop:

The Den Smuggler Pilot dropps also

Boss monster[edit]

Clawfinger Forefather[edit]

. It's one of bosses in this instance and he respawns 25 minutes after he is killed. He usually drops Spirit Focus and Notum Focus, sometimes both, the drop is not 100% so you may have to kill him more than once. Be aware he has a poison DoT (damage over time) nano he uses sometimes. He also drop 2 kinds of meele weapons.


Den Mantis Queen[edit]

Unless you're level 210+ it's best to not solo this boss.


Map from this instance[edit]