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Asphalt Adder

Snakes live everywhere from noob island to the shadowlands. Most are not agressive at all but The Slayer Python ,Butcher Python ,Massacre Python, and the Boa Rex all agroo on sight so be careful.

Snakes have a marked tendency to drop implant Clusters, and to a lesser extent, implants

Behavior: varies


Frequency: Common

Size: Moderate to Large

Individual Species:

Grass Snake, Asphalt Adder, Concrete Adder, Slayer Python, Butcher Python, Massacre Python, Boa Rex

At least three Dyna Camps, at widely varying levels:

Level 40 at 2100, 2220 in Newland Desert
Level 80 at 1191, 1409 in Andromeda
Level 104 at 2975, 313 in Andromeda