Southern Artery Valley

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Contains Outpost 10-3, designed, so he claims, by the unfortunate MoOg, who now lives literally at the end of another unfinished project; the separate-lane elevated highways that extend eastward from the outpost and then abruptly end, where construction stopped.

High over the Biodome building in the swamps of Southern Artery Valley

The zone contains whompahs at the outpost leading to Outpost 2HO, Galway Castle and Outpost 20K

One of two Biodome areas is in Southern Artery Valley. The other is Belial Forest

The whompahs at Outpost 10-3 are the closest non-Fixer Grid embarkation point for travelling to Deep Artery Valley.

Netrom is a Ruin located in the south central area of Southern Artery Valley filled with Nanofreaks. It is the current residence of Assault Commander Pax.

The Big Soul Fragment landmark and the Special Shops vendor Tsunayoshi Smith can both be found at a Carbonrich Rock field at 2620 x 2920.

There are no Dyna Camps in SAV.

Land Control Areas[edit]

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
60-90 1380, 2780 Tetlies Land control area
80-120 2900, 2660 East of the Great Marsh
60-90 660, 2460 West of outpost 10-3
100-150 2300, 2020 Defense of Geholva

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
106-143 2740, 1180 South of Forest of Geholva
120-180 860, 900 Avid Crater
120-180 1540, 900 East of Avid Crater
100-150 2460, 540 Bendelham forest Defense

ID NOT FOUNDMap requirement: 270
Players may buy the map upgrade 'Map - Southern Artery Valley', to enable them to see all features of this zone on the PF Map. The Map Navigation skill requirement to upload this map is 270.


The melee weapon seller Tsunayoshi Smith, with his new look, in the center of a Carbonrich Rock field, next to The Big Soul Gem in northeast Southern Artery Valley




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