Stalker Helmet

Stalker Helmet, on a female Nanomage

The Stalker Helmet can be characterized as a level oddity. The monsters required to kill for the drop, Stalkers, are level 60ish. The level of the one tradeskill, Mechanical Engineering required to make it is relatively high, at 500. The level of the finished item is categorized as SPECIAL, but is sorted in backpacks as QL 100, and at that level its protection is extremely low. But the requirements are so low that it can be worn without much trouble at all at 50, and at that level, its protection is extremely good.

A Stalker Helmet will also likely see longer use than other head armor items, because it is useful for its Treatment and Intelligence bonuses as well as AC. Its low requirements mean that there is not long to wait after level 20, when the Physician's Cap can first be worn, before the Stalker Helmet can be used.

The Stalker Helmet replaces the Physician's Cap until QL 65, where the Cap gains its maximum +6 Treatment bonus. Biomech Armor Helmet is equal to the Physician's Cap at QL 101, and superior at 123, where it gains +7, and gains up to Treatment +10 at 189.

Requirements: Psychic from 150, Stamina from 150, Not Shade
Modifiers: First Aid +10, Treatment +5, Intelligence +5.
Chemical and Radiation AC 100. Cold, Energy, Fire, Imp/Proj AC 300. Melee and Disease AC 350.

Skills Required[edit]

  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Items and Tools Required[edit]

Component * Location Min. Ql
Stalker Carapace C Loot from Stalkers SPECIAL (100)
MasterComm - Personalization Device C Shop
Trade section
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Components
any level
* R = reuseable, C = consumed

The Stalker Carapace is a drop from the level 55-60 Stalkers, found in small numbers in the northwest of the Upper Stret East Bank zone, and in considerably larger numbers in central, northern, and eastern Stret East Bank. Only Stalkers drop carapaces; Tiny Stalkers, etc, do not. The Carapace is set to a single QL, designated SPECIAL, although it floats in inventory organized by QL at 100.

The minimum QL of the MasterComm-Personalization Device has been tested to be as low as 1, but it seems likely that there is no minimum. Shopping for low QLs can save a considerable amount of credits as the MasterComm is very expensive. MasterComm is used in three Tradeskill recipes (Rollerrat Helmet, Stalker Helmet, and Personalized Basic Robot Brain); all three are useful items with a 'free' ingredient, so it it is plausible that the developers felt the need to add the MasterComm to balance these items financially.

Tradeskill Process[edit]

The combination of items in Anarchy Online works as follows:

Open the tradeskill window (Shift + T). Here you can place the two items you want to combine in the left and middle part. The resulting Item will be shown in the right area. Missing skills, or non possible combinations will be shown below. A detailed look on the resulting item is possible with a simple shift-left-click on it. It is recommended to have free inventory space before combining items, else the item will end in the overflow window.

MasterComm - Personalization Device + Stalker Carapace = Stalker Helmet Skills:
MasterComm - Personalization Device Stalker Carapace Stalker Helmet 500ME

Comparison with Carbonum Plate[edit]

Stalkers in Stret East Bank

Stalker: Chemical and Radiation AC 100. Cold, Energy, Fire, Imp/Proj AC 300. Melee and Disease/Poison AC 350.
Requirements: Psychic from 150, Stamina from 150

Stalker Helmet compares unfavorably with Carbonum Plate Armor Helmet when comparing by its 'invisible' QL of 100; the Carb has superior ACs in all but its usual 'hole' in Energy; even its other AC detriment, Radiation, is better than the Stalker:
QL 100 Carb: Energy and Radiation AC 189. Imp/Proj, Cold, Disease/Poison, and Fire AC 377, Melee and Chemical AC 453

But all of this comes at a much higher price in requirements than the Stalker; 294 Stamina, and 241 Agility.
If the two pieces are compared at almost equal ability requirements, then the picture looks quite different:

Level 50 Carbonum requires 151 Stamina and 123 Agility. Now Stalker gives more protection to all damage types other than Chemical and Energy by 109 or more AC, and beats Energy too, albeit by only 5, with 159 more Disease/Poison AC.
50 Carb: Energy and Radiation AC 95. Imp/Projectile, Cold, Poison and Fire AC 191. Melee and Chemical AC 229.

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