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The year is 29484, on the planet Rubi-Ka. The first human vessel lands on Rubi-Ka on September 03, 28702. The planet is one large desert, inhospitable and dead, but as it turns out, the only known source of notum, a resource that will revolutionize nano-technology. Notum allows nano-bots to operate outside the human body for long periods of time, making it in great demand across the galaxy, and the hyper-corporation Omni-Tek has exclusive export rights.

Alien fleet around Rubi-Ka

The planet is leased by the Interstellar Confederation of Corporations (ICC) to Omni-Tek. As on other planets, the ICC condones the genetic manipulation of colonists, but mistreatment and poor working conditions in the notum mines eventually leads to an ICC investigation. Their fear of their overlords quelled by proof of friends in high places, the workers fashion dreams of justice into an organized movement, and create the Omni-Tek Manual Laborers Guild. Their proposals rebuffed and scorned, the union refuses to continue work for Omni-Tek until their voice is heard; OT answers their picket lines with columns of troops, and the ICC intervenes to prevent bloodshed. Peaceful protest availing them nothing, the Laborers' inhibited outrage boils over, and they rebel against their masters. OT violently suppresses the uprising; within months, the first Clans are formed. In the years following, Omni begins a war against another corporation which eventually spans the galaxy. It seems likely that this is related to the Clans rising up and beginning their first violent campaign against Omni, if only because OT's forces are divided.

Following their victory in the bloody civil war, Omni-Tek bows to outside pressure, and the clans operate independently for some time. However, Omni-Tek prefers to have complete control and the planet is put through the third war in its history. An unstable peace leads to the The Notum Wars. Some see striking off on their own as a preferable option to backing either side, and "neutrals" settle in their own areas, including the scientists who create the floating city of Jobe. Neutrals are united by necessity, but divided between those who wish only an end to conflict, those who will fight the Notum Wars to achieve peace and the prosperity of Rubi-Ka on their terms, and those who simply hate both Omni-Tek and the Clans.

No one is prepared for the discovery of another dimension that coexists with Rubi-Ka - the Shadowlands. Long ago, the Shadowlands and Rubi-Ka, at that time one planet, is racked with conflict between those who want to use a power called the "Source of Life" to become more powerful, the Unredeemed, and with those who feel its overuse is destroying them: the Redeemed. The Unredeemed win the conflict and the Redeemed flee. After the Redeemed flee they decide to spread their seeds of mankind around the galaxy in an attempt to regain their losses. The Redeemed's prophecy proves true as the harvesting of the Source eventually destroys the planet and creates the two worlds. The Unredeemed trapped in this universe track down and destroy the seeds of mankind the Redeemed had placed except for one, those on Earth. In the second-half of the 20th Century the Unredeemed set in motion a series of events that would help them get back to the Source.

A battle near Omni-2

When the portal to the Shadowlands was open by the scientists in Jobe they find a strange world being torn apart. There are still Unredeemed and Redeemed living there and still in conflict. The Clan leaders decided to ally with the Redeemed while Omni-Tek officials allied with the Unredeemed. Explorers venture deeper and deeper into the Shadowlands led by the artificial entity Ergo until they find The Beast. The Beast is killed, after which a robot called Number Nine is discovered sending out a distress call and saying that the Source is no longer protected and that they are coming.

The question of who "they" were is answered when the first known alien life outside the Shadowlands surrounds Rubi-Ka and, without any attempt of communication, attack the planet. The attacks are repelled, but continue, and the conflict between the Clan and Omni-Tek becomes an afterthought. A turning point in Clan and Omni-Tek relations comes after an assassination attempt on Omni-Tek's president Philip Ross. Old hatreds resurface and Omni-Tek begins reprisals and a hunt to find the people behind the attempt, making some fear of yet another conflict.

The assassination attempt on Ross leaves him in a deep coma, and Omni-Prime sends a representative to run operations on Rubi-Ka in his place. His successor is Tarkhan Zora, former commander of the Unicorn Company. Zora's mission is to restore Omni rule on Rubi-Ka, and he sets about doing so with relish.

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The Factions[edit]

The Clan is represented by the Council of Truth.
Major Clans:

Omni-Tek holds department meetings.
Omni-Tek Departments:

The Neutral Population of Rubi-Ka, on a whole, is not represented by any one. Many private organizations have been started to solve this problem. At one point in time the ICC was said to have been the guardian of the Neutrals. The only true neutral government currently in place is that of the Newland City Council.

Current News[edit]

To find out more about recent storyline events, check the Editor News forum on the official AO website to find the news media. There are also events localized to the Atlantean and Rimor dimensions.


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