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The entrance to the subway in ICC.

The Condemned Subway is the first instance for newcomers to Rubi-Ka, and the place for daily elite assignments given out in Mission Agency in both Old Athens and Rome Blue to level 1-24 players.

Any player level 1-25 may enter, but it is primarily aimed at players in the level range of ~5 - 24; players below 5 may find it tough going.
Entering the instance is limited to level 25 max (and getting an elite assignment lingers at the former cap of level 24 max); while you can stay inside the instance and level beyond that you will not be able to reenter it once you have left it with a level 26 or higher. If you log out inside the Subway at level 26 or higher, you will log back in outside it. Warping into the instance is blocked (at least for players past level 25).

The subway can be entered in ICC Headquarters. There are disabled subway entrances in the cities of Borealis, West Athen, Newland City and Tir and outside the eastern gates of Rome Blue.

The upper level(s) of the subway actually resemble the feeling of a real subway station with shops, ramps and platforms. The lower, second part of the instance looks more like a sewer/maintenance system. As usual, the further you run into the instance, the more dangerous the mobs get and the proportion of aggressive mobs also increases.

Although previous incarnations of the Subway had the same layout no matter what city you entered them from, there is another instance where a conceivable extension to the Subway system can be found in far-off areas of Rubi-Ka: in instanced Missions, there is occasionally a subway platform, with the tunnel blocked by carriages and debris.


Most of the mobs have standard loot, common to similar type mobs you find in missions and outdoors, including weapons, implants and clusters, first aid kits and so on

Additionally, you may find pieces for the first Ergo Ring quest, Eleet dolls and Morphing Memories, slot 1 NCU chips which can be leveled up, as well as certain Living Cyber Armor parts in the deeper section of the Subway.

Items needed for Ergo Ring quest:

Random Item drops (any mobs):

Illegally Modified Ofab weapons (any mobs. Patch 18.8 removed the Lost Eden requirement):

Name Skill (Wield) Damage, Attack+Recharge
Illegally Modified Ofab Panther Illegally Modified Ofab Panther 1h Blunt (Double) 25-96(30), 1.50+1.50s
Illegally Modified Ofab Mongoose Illegally Modified Ofab Mongoose 1h Edged (Double) 26-78(30), 1.00+1.00s
Illegally Modified Ofab Viper Illegally Modified Ofab Viper Piercing (Double) 24-86(30), 1.00+1.00s
Illegally Modified Ofab Bear Illegally Modified Ofab Bear 2h Blunt (Single) 48-113(20), 2.00+2.00s
Illegally Modified Ofab Wolf Illegally Modified Ofab Wolf 2h Edged (Single) 40-103(15), 1.40+1.40s
Illegally Modified Ofab Boar Illegally Modified Ofab Boar Martial Arts (Double) 25-99(40), 1.50+1.50s
Illegally Modified Ofab Peregrine Illegally Modified Ofab Peregrine Pistol (Double) 15-78(30), 1.00+1.00s
Illegally Modified Ofab Tiger Illegally Modified Ofab Tiger Bow (Single) 18-79(50), 1.60+1.60s
Illegally Modified Ofab Hawk Illegally Modified Ofab Hawk MG/SMG (Single) 20-90(25), 1.00+1.00s
Illegally Modified Ofab Shark Illegally Modified Ofab Shark Assault Rifle (Single) 16-91(20), 1.00+1.50s
Illegally Modified Ofab Silverback Illegally Modified Ofab Silverback Shotgun (Single) 15-72(85), 1.50+1.50s
Illegally Modified Ofab Cobra Illegally Modified Ofab Cobra Rifle (Single) 13-89(50), 2.00+1.50s

There is no weapon loot requiring Melee Energy, Ranged Energy, Grenade or Heavy Weapons skills.

Violent Vagabonds drop at near 50%:

Stim Fiends drop at 100%:

From about QL 10-20

There are several Striker named mobs in the subway which drop specific loot as well:
Workman Striker

Architect Striker

and their boss Strike Foreman (Level 19, 5 minute respawn time, 2 minute corpse time)

Premature Patterns in the deeper section of the Subway drop:

Living Cyber Armor[edit]

You can get the following Living Cyber Armor parts:

from the following humanoid mobs in the deeper section of the Subway:

  • Eumenides
  • Vergil Aeneid
  • Neural Burnout (rare)
  • Premature Pattern (rare)
  • Incomplete Rebuild (rare)
  • Fragmented Soul (rare)
  • Empty Shell (rare)
  • Melded Pattern (rare)

The humanoid Molested Molecules, Redundant Scans, Shades, the Workmen near the Shades room and Infected Attendant never drop them. Nor do the non-humanoid Fleas, Runners, floating Rages, Infectors and Spider. The drop rate is probably near 5%. Of that chance approximately 25% chance of a Helm, less for Gloves, less still for Pants, and the lowest chance for an Arm piece.

See the description to the Living Cyber Armor Mission for more info about the other Living Cyber Armor parts and how to obtain them.

Unique Mobs[edit]


Subway unique eumenides.jpg
  • Mob Type: Cyborg Soldier, Rubi-Ka unique boss
  • Alignment: Monster
  • Behaviour: Aggressive
  • Respawn time: 5 min
  • Corpse time: 30 min
  • Level: 20
  • Health: 2792
  • Run Speed: 76

Eumenides is a boss located in a cave towards the end of the instance. He used to be at the end of the train tracks leading to the spiral stairs.
Tactics: Eumenides is the first boss encounter you will find in the subway, and as such it is quite a basic fight in terms of tactics. The fight basically involves outhealing or tanking his hits while you wear his HP down, whether your team (or yourself if solo) succeeds depends mostly on level and equipment. Kiting him is not recommended as his range attacks usually will burn you down and the area is too crowded to properly kite him anyway, this is coupled with the fact that he likes to switch targets often. It is however, possible to run away from him with a high amount of runspeed as he does not follow very far.

Special attacks:


Vergil Aeneid[edit]

Subway unique vergil aeneid.jpg
  • Mob Type: Nanomage Doctor, Rubi-Ka unique boss
  • Alignment: Monster
  • Behaviour: Aggressive
  • Respawn time: 10 min
  • Corpse time: 30 min
  • Level: 29-32
  • Health: 6796-8091
  • Run Speed: 130-143

This nanomage doctor is located pretty much at the end of the instance, guarding the lair of Abmouth. Usually there are 2 Melded Patterns beside him, but they respawn on a different timer to Vergil so this is not always the case, they share a similar aggro range.
Tactics: Ignore the 4 shadows just inside the doorway and start by pulling Vergil himself. Your team however should concentrate their attacks on the 2 Melded Patterns before going all out DPS on Vergil. This ensures that the 2 adds do not slow your healer down. Use of any AoE spells (e.g. enforcer taunts and NT AoE nukes) is dangerous as it will attract the 4 shadows at the doorway. His attacks are weaker than Eumenides's, but he also has much more health and uses a self-healing nano (Periodic Checkup) frequently. Nevertheless, the fight should not be of much challenge to a team of 6 Level 20s or greater, while a well-equipped level 24 can solo him.

Special attacks:


Abmouth Supremus[edit]

Subway unique abmouth supremus.jpg
  • Mob Type: Rubi-Ka unique boss
  • Alignment: Monster
  • Behaviour: Aggressive
  • Respawn time: 10 min
  • Corpse time: 30 min
  • Level: 30
  • Health: 10324
  • Run Speed: 114

Abmouth Supremus is the final boss of the Subway. Usually he is standing in a small pit at the very end, sometimes already guarded by 2 Infectors; if they have not already spawned, they will spawn when Abmouth is attacked.
Tactics: This boss fight will be your first real challenge as a new character/player. Melee professions that are not twinked will be outdamaged by Abmouth, and if you try to kite him or use a pet and stand aside - he will cast his "Summoned" nano program that will instantly teleport you to his location and root for a further 5 seconds. It is not recommended to tank this encounter unless your tank has at least 1000 health. An average team will find it difficult to bring down this beast as his crushing attacks of 73-148 melee damage and crits of 140-209 can kill off your team seconds after the fight begins, and good, well prepared teams can be worn down as he has a massive amount of health.

The Infectors should quickly be handled by an experienced Calmer (e.g. NT, Bureaucrat, MP). It is much more beneficial to calm the Infectors, as the Infectors will respawn almost instantly on death. However, if they manage to resist calms and attack healers they should be quickly disposed of.

A viable tactic after this is to use pets to draw away Abmouth's attention while the rest of the team hides behind an opposing wall and shoots / Nukes from a distance. Maximum range is preferred for Ranged nano-casters and gun users, but beware of his "Summoned" nano program. Characters who create high levels of aggro such as doctors and NTs, and anyone 'squishy', should keep in mind that the danger of being aggroed decreases with distance. A place out of sight of enemies while still being able to heal the team is, as always, a preferred location; this must be weighed against the advantage of being able to use restorative kit items on teammates.

Special attacks:

  • Summoned Summoned (teleport to Abmouth, root 5 s)


The Belt and Juggler's Treat always drop together, it's either both or none; their drop chance is about 30%.

Map of the Condemned Subway[edit]

Map of the Condemned Subway

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