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To the person who edited the Atrox[edit]


To the person who edited the Atrox under advantages/disadvantages section... I have left your change un-edited, but I can't say that I agree with you 100%, Atrox are OK and they do have a bit of an HP advantage end-game, but by that time, HP isn't usually that big a problem.
1) Since Power of the Muscle was fixed, it has become a lot harder to twink into Intelligence based Symbiants for Atroxes. 2) Level restricted nanos only really come into play after level 200, although a few professions, such as Adv and Fixer do have several nanos with level requirements (and many SL nanos are level/Spec locked); the problem is surviving the first 200 levels or so with your sanity as an Atrox. 3) Whether the HP bonus of the Atrox is a big enough bonus in the end game is debateable, my solitus adventurer has enough HP to survive several hits from most opponents, but can self cast all of her nanos (including the SL ones), and the small bonus to evades she has mean she doesn't get hit as often...
In a lot of alien raids, I've seen the doctor using the (Atrox) Enforcers as tanks for crowd control when the normal waves come, but they switch to Opifex MA's to tank the general, the character looses a bigger proportion of their HP per hit, but because they don't get hit half as often, it gives the doctor time to debuff and dot the general at regular intervals.
And for mobs that take a long time to kill, Atrox can still have nano pool problems at high levels. I've seen Atrox Adventurers who have real problem soloing some mobs because the mobs hit hard and take several minutes to kill, halfway through they are running out of nano pool to keep casting their heals.
As a solitus, I often find I have enough HP for most things (OK, mobs giving me 12k nukes can be a problem, I can only take 1 hit and then need to heal up before I take another (normal) hit), but I find with Atrox I just don't have enough nano pool to do anything useful - my Atrox keeper had a level 75 restricted nano, which he had enough skills with 77 to cast (with CM), but had to wait until mid 90's before he had enough nano pool to cast it!
For certain professions Atrox is great end game, no two ways about it, but to say it is the best breed for all professions at high end is, I think, a bit misleading. With all the +Nano Skill items in game, yes, nano mage isn't the be-all-and-end-all for nano casting professions that it used to be, especially 210+, but the same is true for +Strength and +HP/Body Dev items around these days.
I think you have to be a dedicated 'Troxer to get them to work at high levels with most professions (Enfo/Keeper/Soldi excepted and maybe Melee Advy if you don't solo too much), they can be awesome, especially in PvP, but they are a pain to skill and equip all the way, especially for profesisons that rely on nano skills more than brawn. To self cast the high-end nanos, you need a lot better equipment than solitus and especially nano-mage to even compete, let alone if those breeds have the same buffing items... I'm a casual Troxer, I've played a couple, but they are so frustrating on the nano and symbiant equipping front that they usually get deleted or parked through frustration...

The main reason..[edit]

The main reason I added the bit on Atrox was to indicate that the benefits are weighted in the HP direction. Mainly, whenever someone draws the parallel that Nanomages have high intelligence/NP and Atrox have high Strength/HP, it's slightly misleading because some may think that the difference is simply a matter of preference, rather than an actual game affecting decision. I merely wished to point out that HP is much more needed than NP, and the nanomage's intelligence advantage is fairly moot since most nanoprograms have level locks. No, I don't think the Atrox is the best race for any class, but if someone had to choose between atrox and nanomage for any given class, the atrox's bonuses will cause it to be chosen more often than the nanomage. Essentially, the nanomage comes with a life threatening weakness which is not easily overcome, and the atrox comes with an efficiency weakness which is easier to overcome.

Habitue 23:26, 13 Jun 2005 (CEST)

Keeping it simple[edit]

Im a fan of keeping things as simple as possible. As long as the text is easy to understand and represent something genreal that can be "eaten", its perfect. I'd say, keep it simple and leave the detailed discussion and personal opinions to other pages. :-)
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Baffle 02:51, 14 Jun 2005 (CEST)

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