I disagree with some of the affirmations about mission sliders and thought I'd start a discussion on it since I'm not really sure on everything.

Based on my experience (3000 tokens, some 5000 on all my chars, almost all of which from missions), I'd say that:

Good/bad: affects mission types and descriptions more than anything else.

Order/chaos: affects mob types, together with physical/mystical. Order gives sided mobs, mostly humans (but also mechdogs/slayers/ninjadroids in case of the character doing the mission being Clan, A-4000 & co. in case of them being Omni. Chaos chooses the mob types pretty much at random with a predominance for wildlife, but humans are also possible.

Physical/mystical: - in case of full order, physical produces sided mobs other than humans with a certain chance for humans too, as stated before, while mystical produces almost always humans. - in case of full chaos, physical produces a wide variety of wildlife (cyborgs, mantises, sewer scuttlers, aquaans, anvians etc. etc.), while mystical produces mostly medusas, lifebleeders and entwined militiamen (apart from entwined, which actually have physical attacks but seem to be associated with medusas, they are among the very few types of wildlife that are predominantly casters).

Open/hidden: here I pretty much agree with what the article says.

Head on/stealth: I don't really agree but now that I think about it most of my missions (99%) were ran at full head-on so I guess I should test further.

Money/Xp: it's true that the xp is most often tiny as mission reward, but money is not a lot either; toward the higher levels (170-200), xp can actually be significant, up to 3-4 million points, so maybe worth it if you want to complete the mission for the token anyway (especially if you have xp in recoup pool).

--GothikX 21:58, 30 January 2008 (PST)

I've done some pointed and concerted testing of the mission sliders and i've had nobody thats disagreed with it so far. The only slider i'm not really sure about is the head-on/stealth slider, which I've never had a character to test that easily. In that situation I've relied on the input of others. Some of the differences that you are talking about seem to be level and sided differences; the mobs you get in missions vary depending on the level of the mission. Additionally, I've heard reported that sided characters are more likely to get missions with mobs who are sided to the opposite side. Being neutral, thats harder for me to test. I'm not saying there are not variations, or that the slider positions don't have an effect on one another to compound the changes to a mission, but what is in the article is the result of my investigation. --Berael 06:26, 1 February 2008 (PST)

Not a Clue[edit]

Missions are sort of like Clue in reverse, except the answer to Whodunnit is always The Player. Kill 'Colonel Mustard' in the 'a Building' for a 'Lead Pipe', with a 'Player's Weapon'. Anarchangel 09:32, 4 April 2010 (UTC)