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Would like to get info added on:

What makes cocoons spawn, and possibly the areas on the map where cocoons start to appear
A section giving general information, e.g. things like the fact that more people in certain areas of the sector causes an increase in the number of aliens spawned
Information under the 3 Strategy headings I supplied
Any other observations made about the workings of the sector, prolly under some form of "notes" section or somesuch

There is information provided here on "Drone Reapers" anyone actually SEEN these? Because I haven't yet. - Pyros15000

The 'Sector 42 is the fourth Alien Playfield and was first defeated Saturday the 9th of December 2006 by RK2

Other times AC has been killed: - Saturday the 14th of December 2007 by RK2

Wow, now just august of 2007... Some1 have prediction abilities?