Tarkhan Zora

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Born in Delta Sector on Omni-Prime January 14th 29425, working in Unicorn Company counter-intelligence on Rubi-Ka by at least the age of 39, and in Unicorn Central Command within three years of that. Military advisor to the diplomatic team at the Tir Accord. Returned to Omni-Prime to serve as Unicorn Security advisor to the Board of Directors on Omni-Prime until the absence of Philip Ross, whereupon he was acting CEO of Omni-Tek, Rubi-Ka Division. CEO for life after Ross was declared dead, until Zora's own death in Borealis, when the Omni "death ray" exploded; whether from malfunction or sabotage is currently unknown.[1]

Position: Chief Executive Officer of Omni-Tek. Commander of the Unicorn Company as well as all of Omni-Tek's armed forces on Rubi-Ka.