Technologist Frank Jobin - Thieving spirits

Frank Jobin
Thieving Spirits


Frank Jobin asked you to retrieve some of the missing parts from the Thieving spirits in Necropolis as it could give them a better chance of understanding the Xan technology.

Get hold of 3 different ancient Xan machine parts.

Cash: 200000 credits
Experience: (Up to) 62 SK.
Item reward:
Ring of Computing


  • Thieving spirits are found walking around outside the entrance to Ergo located Lower Scheol.
  • These mobs are named Thieving Spirits which makes identifying them easy. You need to kill and loot them until you have three Unique NODROP XAN items.
Igneous Rock Machine Component Igneous Rock Machine Component (NODROP, UNIQUE)
Crystallized Notum Circuitry Crystallized Notum Circuitry (NODROP, UNIQUE)
Advanced Alloy Fuse Advanced Alloy Fuse (NODROP, UNIQUE)
  • Return to Frank Jobin at /waypoint 1067, 1816, 4880 and give him the items to receive your reward which includes Ring of Computing

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