Temple of the Three Winds Elite Assignment


Kill 3 each of the named mobs in the Temple of Three Winds

Agency All

Level 25-49

Restriction Maximum level 60 to enter dungeon Temple of the Three Winds


The Temple of the Three Winds is known to host the biggest cult on the planet. Every time a cultist dies the manifestation of their worshipping is rendered weaker and allows a opportunity to unite against them.



XP and Mission Tokens


Kill the mobs in the order given by the quest or they will not count for the quest.

For the locations of the mobs, check the dungeon map. Unlike the Subway mission, the targets extend all the way to the same room as the final bosses. In the case of the Exarchs, it is even possible to find them after an ultimate boss: the Guardian of Tomorrow. Therefore, it is by far easier to finish the last 2 steps, Windcallers and Exarchs, by going straight ahead at the Defender of the Three instead of right, and head to Nematet's room.