Terminate the Alien Cocoons


Kill 10 Cocoon spawn.

Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue

Level 115 confirmed

Difficulty: medium

Time: 20-30 minutes


The Kyr'Ozch are constantly surrounding the Goliath-class battlestations in orbit around Rubi-Ka.

Your assignment is to board an alien breeding ship and terminate 10 alien cocoons. This way the amount of new aliens that will attack rubi-ka will be reduced.

The Unicorn Outpost offers a free of charge shuttle transport that will take you to the breeding ship.

NOTE: Target the alien cocoon and right-click the Terminator device in your inventory.


Various amount of AXP and tokens.


Buff up before entering the ship because you will probably be attacked right away by a patrolling Kyr'Ozch Scout. Make a mental note on where arrive at because that is where you will leave. Explore ship looking for cocoon's. Once found target cocoon and right click Alien Cocoon Terminator Alien Cocoon Terminator in your inventory. An Alien Larvae will hatch and will need to kill it. Do this 10 times, the device will disappear from your inventory and you can return to the Mission Agency to earn your reward.