Soul Fragment

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Special big soul fragment.jpg

Secrets of Rubi-Ka mission:
"Welcome to the Soul Fragment monument. This disk will offer some basic information about the existence of the soul.
This sculpture, made by the renowned artist Reese Winslow, portrays a giant soul fragment carved from the largest quartz crystal ever discovered on Rubi-Ka. It represents the only physical trace human kind has been able to find of the spirit, or soul as some call it.
Scientists were able to prove the existence of the life force, spirit, or soul in 28906. This monumental breakthrough made way for cloning technology and ultimately insurance technology.
There is still much discussion on what exactly the spirit is. The scientists were able to measure an inherent life force in living creatures, but it carries different meaning to different people.
To some, the spirit is an individual and personal energy that grows and develops as you do. To others, the soul carries religious meaning, and is widely believed to be eternal, even after corporeal death.
No matter the opinion, the proven existence and the manipulation of this life force with trace notum is why insurance tech works on Rubi-Ka and no where else."