The Hunt

Blubbag in Wailing Wastes; two of the solo Bosses with no minions surrounding them are Blubbags in Wailing Wastes at around level 50-60

Kill a Dyna Boss that is near your level or higher.

The Dyna Boss mobs on Rubi-ka along with their potential level are listed at List of Dyna Camps. There is an online map you can use as well at Travel to Rubu-ka.

Killing a Dyna boss higher than your level can be hard. The additional mobs nearby will join in the fight unless they appear with a grey health bar. As the mission states, the Dyna Camp Boss need only be "near" your level. Green can be enough. If that does not work, try a higher green or lime.

The mission does not complete once the Boss is dead. The player must return to the Agency to collect the XP reward. In the early levels The Hunt is offered, the fastest targets are the boss-only Dyna Camps in Wailing Wastes: Dyna Camps with Bosses only; no attendant mobs, at 1700 1740 and 2300 1340 and others. The character need only be in the same zone for the kill to count, if another member or members of their team kill a boss. Despite the warning about XP loss from higher level characters being in team when the mission is turned in, if there is any loss at all, it seems no more than 10%.


Kill Dyna Boss and return to agency

Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue

Level 50-180

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 15-30


A popular theory claims that big and bad are the two winning features when it comes to surviving on Rubi-Ka. Beings of disproportional size and with a nasty temper have been reported in most terraformed zones on Rubi-Ka.

You're commissioned by the Agency to kill one of them for the benefit of natural wild life and the health of the occasional traveler.

Note: Only outdoor bosses around or higher than your own level will count towards the mission goal.


  • Substantial XP
  • Mission tokens * 2