The Longest Road

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The Longest Road covers some of the most westward of the terra formed regions of Rubi-Ka. Receiving its name from the road running its length from Old Athen, the region is only accessible from Whom-Pah or Athen Shire. From a geographic standpoint, the southern edge of the deserts of the Wailing Wastes cross the northern portions of the area, giving way to a lush forest around the Old Athen Road.


The principal city of the region is Bliss; offering a secure waypoint for anything the traveler may require. Surrounded by a security wall and well defended, Bliss offers Whom-Pah routes to Camelot, Old Athen and Broken Shores. For shopping, Bliss is well stocked with low to medium quality weapons, armor and medical supply stores, as well as Insurance Terminals and a reclaim facility if needed.


Of primary interest to most travelers in the region is the Omni-Tek Mine, which houses the Biomare Biological and Medical Research facility. Supposedly under the control of a rogue Foreman, rumors persist of freakish and unnatural experiments being conducted within this fortified bunker. Employees of Omni-Tek should note that neither the Foreman's minions, nor will the Guards of Bliss take kindly to their presence. Explorers of 40th to 100th rank can delve into the mysteries of the Biomare facility but are well advised to come with well-supplied teams.

Practically surrounded by inhospitable regions, travelers to the peninsula of the Longest Road may feel some of the despair the author feels when standing next to the force field containment and gazing at the hardy plants that have made Rubi-Ka their home. With current terraforming all but halted due to the ongoing Civil War, the rugged plants making life just beyond the force fields makes a fitting testimony to the futility of war.

NPC Quintus Romulus

Pegrama Ruins[edit]

From a historical interest point of view, travelers may be drawn to the ruins at the western most edge of the Longest Road but some of the escapees of the experiments in the Biomare Facility have taken up residence there and caution is strongly advised. Debates rage over the source of these ruins, whether they predate the terra forming of Rubi-Ka or not; however, prolonged investigations are out of the question currently, due to their current occupants.

These huge ruins can be seen on the Planet Map as well as the minimap, and are found at (700 950) on The Longest Road, west of Bliss. The ruins themselves appear to be burned out, but their major structures are still standing.


From greater to lesser:


Glowing circles are for teleportation or the start of missions including One Green Hill; circles at 1000 1315 and 1085 940