The Reck

The Reck is a zone designed for players in the level range between 90 - 170. The Daily Missions there can be done on top of other Dailies.

Level ranges here were designed with difficulty in mind; keeping the areas spread out and giving a challenge to low level characters who have to find a way around high level enemies on the way to their hunting and mission spots.

Some of the loot here has fundamentally changed the game, notably:

  • The Dog of War The Dog of War pistol. Replacement for or addition to Customized IMI Desert Reet
  • Skawt's Plasma Emitter Skawt's Plasma Emitter. Finally, a viable Ranged Energy weapon

While the Shadowlands were being crafted, The Reck languished in Development Hell; it was finally released in early 2016.


  • Wardog, who drops the Dog of War; ruins east of Factory and Dam
  • Warchief Skawt, who drops Skawt's Plasma Emitter; 1860 970.
  • Supply Station mutants, around level 110-120. Northeast - 1715 2715
  • SANDSTORM Control Tower level 150. 1115 1125

PvP Daily

  • Commander Williams and three guards north of The Dam - 1440 1905
  • High Commander Jameson and three guards at Factory, south of Dam - 1310 1475

Dyna Camps[edit]

The level given is the average level of the boss. The underlings are always many levels below that

Mob Type Coordinates Level Range (+/- 15%)
Medusa 1450 620 boss 145
Mutant 1970 2130 130-140; boss 150
Ninja-droid 1390 1730 boss 155
Tentacle Mutant 270 3345 120-130; boss 145