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Tir as seen from its center, on the rooftop of the Fair Trade General Shop

Tir is the Clan capital, home of Simon Silverstone and the Council of Truth.

Tir contains the clan Arena and has all the usual facilities such as Basic, Advanced and Superior shops, mission terminals at several locations, a Grid terminal 542 x 536 and Global Market Search terminals.

Has whom-pah routes to Old Athen, Varmint Woods and ICC HQ in the Andromeda zone.

The West gate, that Commander Dunn now guards, was once the route of thousands of Clan and Neutral travellers heading north to brave the wilds of Tir County and Greater Tir County and the subsequent trials of the Temple of Three Winds, until a glowing portal was summoned in the Newland Desert by Windcaller Cerrak that made for much faster travelling. Nowadays, only those seeking Nodda Gregg and Inventor Bobic for their missions in the little town north of the west gate go this way.

Head straight out the west gate and you may run across Cuty the Reet that drops the delicious Candy Cord beloved of wielders of Pistols, or any two ranged weapons, really. Cuty is pretty hard to find. Known encounters have been in the 'Crater Farm Region' at approximately 1500 x 600 Tir Co., and 'Western Crownhead Expanse' area at approx. 1680 x 380 and ~ 1723.1 x 499.9. You will probably not find a QL / bonus much higher than QL 7 / +4, or much lower. If you do, it would be worth a mention here and even on Auno.

Out the south gate, guarded by Commander Steel, there is an instanced dungeon that needs no key to access.

Out either gate, there is a Greco-Roman shrine with mission terminal, and on the grass border and in the trees around the city, between the gate: Ownz.

While the Tir guards themselves are not aggressive to non-Clan members, the Commander named Sentinels posted outside the gates will shoot even Neutrals on sight. The Field Commanders on the inside, too, if you linger.

An entrance to the Condemned Subway was closed off in recent years. Numerous trespassers have tried to set up their bases there, and it is the occasional site of mutant infestations and such, but all have been driven off by various factions who offered Missions to travellers of all factions to get rid of them.

Tir is Clanner's destination when using the Rubi-Ka Recall Beacon (Auno, bought with Veterans Points, introduced in Patch 17.4 and improved in Patch 17.8. The Beacon can be used anywhere; Shadowlands, Alien Playfields, Missions, anywhere, and returns its user to just outside of Tir as close to instantaneously as the Laws of the Universe allow.

Tir is also the Clan destination of the Emergency Exit in the Grid, or rather, 50 feet out the west or south gates in Tir County is.

The south gate is the exit of choice for those seeking Commander Brock and his Rings of Tir.

Ownz the Leet might be found at either gate. He may patrol between them or just magically teleport. Leets are like that. Or at least, the magically teleporting ones are.


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