Tir County

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Tir County together with the adjoining Greater Tir County to the north, is one of the richer areas for low level characters, especially Clan. Four of the Uniques are here, including one of the best, Cuty, is here, and in Greater TC, another of the best, George the Reet with Medical Epaulet drop. Tir County used to be the gateway to Temple of the Three Winds, and this route is still the path to the Inventor Bobic quest, for his Notum Hood item. The Cyborg Barracks was once one of the better places for medium level items, and it is still the target of quests and hunts for a good Soldier weapon; the surrounding area (south past the city) has the best spawn for Rookie Dog Tags, the aforementioned George, and a large number of Eyemutants to farm for Eyemutant Orb Lasers and parts, while waiting for those other spawns.

Commander Brock, a NPC with three quests including the Rings of Tir, is in a village to the east. In a village to the north, Nodda Gregg lives, and gives his quest, and so does Inventor Bobic. The trail from Tir, through Tir County to Greater Tir County was once a major thoroughfare for players heading to the Temple of Three Winds, before Windcaller Karrec at the Newland Desert whompahs turned the trip into a series of teleports. The teleport wall to Greater Tir County snakes its uniquely winding way along the northern border.

Commander Brock

A temple of standing stones outside the west gates of Tir (technically, in Tir County), is where Clan(?) players who use the Emergency Exit in the Grid are sent. If the game malfunctions, this is the safety point you may be sent to also.


Land Control Areas[edit]

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
10-15 460, 1300 Great W. Forest Vein
10-15 2940, 980 The Hidden Notum Canal
20-30 3220, 620 Mountain Areas
10-15 580, 580 Great W. Forest Dorsal
10-15 1500, 460 Western Mountain Areas

Map Upgrades[edit]

Claw Mutant

ID NOT FOUND Map requirement: 35
Players may buy the map upgrade Map - Tir County, to enable them to see all features of this zone on the PF Map. The Map Navigation skill requirement to upload this map is 35.





Four clan outposts, most if not all with General Shops.

Guard Nodda Gregg


(All Givers of Quests)


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Unique Encounters[edit]

  • Cuty the Reet. One of the Little Ones. Spawns instantly and attacks, anywhere in a wide area between coordinates: 1500x600 in Crater Farm Region and approx 1680x380 Western Crownhead Expanse, Tir County. Also points in between, and probably a larger patrol than that, too. Can take hours to spawn, or right away.

ID NOT FOUND100% Drop rate of Candy Cord Drops in various QLs up to QL 8, from +3 to +4 Pistol and Fling Shot.

  • Ownz the Leet
  • Morty the Leet
  • Ding the Leet

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