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Traders from level 25 have access to the Special Commerce terminals also known as Trader stores. They are available in Old Athen, Borealis, Newland City, Green Rome, Rome Blue, Omni Entertainment, Omni Trade, and Tir. They pay 75% more for items than normal shop terminals. In addition, they sell specific items that you can not purchase elsewhere.

The selling price of an item depends on the type of the terminal, faction the shop is in, and your toon's skill Computer Literacy skill. The higher it is the more money you get from vending machines. It is however noted that the value is critical when you open the terminal. Not the level of this skill when you press Accept! So, cast expertise and CL Frequent Customer / Bulk Trader / Trading Mogul buff and then open the terminal.

Specialist Commerce Terminal[edit]

This terminal can only be used by characters with the Trader profession level 25 or above. Just as with the Fixer Shop, agents using 'False Profession: X' Nano Programs cannot use the Trader shop.

Some of the more desirable items:
Cap of the Besieger Cap of the Besieger QL 15, component of Physician's Cap

Efficient Controller Recompiler Unit Controller Recompiler Unit QL 1 to 4. Repairs the City Controller in Organization Cities

Experienced Aviator Sunglasses Experienced Aviator Sunglasses Vanity item

Portable Market Interface Portable Shopinterface Using it opens up the Global Market Search. Trader use only, no FP.


Omni Locations

  • NW Trade - Fine Things - 233x492
  • SE Entertainment - Special Shop - 845x431
  • West Rome Blue - Special Superb Supermarket - 546x339
  • East Rome Green - Special Superb Supermarket - 413x340


  • ICC Shopping Hub - 3255x795
  • Borealis - "Tools N Stuff" Special Quality Supermarket - 652x575
  • Harry's - Special/Basic Supermarket - 3045x3033
  • 20k - Central Meadows - 1190x2350


  • Tir - NW Corner - 393x544
  • Old Athen - Special/Superior Supermarket - 370x500

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