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When Tradeskilling there are a great many items that are not consumed in a process and simply used over and over again. These items are generally referred to as tools (as opposed to components) and are often used in a variety of tradeskill operations.

At least one tradeskill process was fixed, in a patch, to not consume its tool (Hacker Tool) as a component. Almost all tools are not used as ingredients. However, the fact that the items below are all used as tools in many tradeskill processes should not be mistaken for a rule that they are never used as components in any tradeskill process.

An example of what is normally a tool that is consumed is the Bio-Comminutor used to obtain Shadowlands Implants from 'Half Digested Human' parts. Precious Metal Reclaimers were once components, but were made tools in Patch 17.6.

Classic Game[edit]

Many of the tools from the Classic AO game are shop buyable so they will be listed under the shops they come from.

General Tools and Bases[edit]

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering[edit]

Pharmacy and Chemistry Tools and Bases[edit]


  • Advanced Hacker Tool Hacker Tool - This tool is used to break the security on many devices.




Special Tools[edit]

The Notum Wars[edit]

The Shadowlands[edit]

Alien Invasion[edit]

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