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How not to get around in Rubi-Ka: A crashed transport

Rubi Ka Travel[edit]



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Whompahs are a counterpart to the grid system, and the most efficient travelling will use both. Whompahs are easily spotted at a distance by parts of the structure that reach high into the air above them; Clan whompahs feature tall thin spikes and Omni, thicker poles topped with a blue light. The whompa transportation system was designed by Omni-Com and is maintained by Omni-Trans. The whom-pah system breaks an individual down at the cellular level, then rebuilds their body at another location. The name is derived from the sound the whom-pa makes. The whole of the Rubi-Ka whompah system can be accessed by any character, but faction guards are often posted near the whompahs, and will attack players of another faction, sometimes even neutrals.

The Grid[edit]

A counterpart to the Whompah system; use both for ultimate efficiency of travel. Entering the grid requires skill in computer literacy; if for some reason a player gets stuck in the grid, e.g. a computer literacy buff wears off while in the grid, there is an emergency exit on the ground floor. The grid is a separate space. When you enter the Grid, you are no longer in Rubi-Ka, and cannot utilize nanos, or ride in vehicles.

The Grid also contains an exit to the Organisation-owned Cities and tower fields on Land Control Areas added by the now free Notum Wars expansion.

Beacon Warp[edit]

In one sense, only one Yalmaha is needed per player. The one your Engineer owns. Everyone else travels by Beacon Warp. Home, James.



Ferries are found near the giant hovercraft water vehicles of Rubi-Ka. They transport the character instantly to the other side of the water. Stret East Bank, Stret West Bank, 4 Holes, Pleasant Meadows and Omni-1 all have ferries; Pleasant Meadows has two, and Lush Fields has three.

Travelling in the Shadowlands[edit]

Jobe Wompahs[edit]

Teleporting to RK Zones from SL[edit]


Boxing the Compass[edit]

See the 'compass' command in the Helpbot article

Most familiar are the cardinal directions: North, East, South, and West.

Between those, as you may know, are the ordinal directions, named after a combination of the cardinal directions they are between: Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest.

Between the cardinal and ordinal directions are points named after the cardinal directions, hyphenated with the ordinal directions: North-northeast, East-northeast, East-southeast, South-southeast, and so on.

The final distinction of heading is between these others. They begin with the cardinal or ordinal direction closest to the heading, the word 'by', and then the next closest cardinal point.

After this, you get to be in the driver's seat
Yalmahas and Mantas wait on the ground while Shuttle vehicles carry goods and passengers to the orbital freighters; Alien Invasion concept art
The Fixer Grid helix
Rubi-Ka residents can own Hydro Vehicles of the same design as the ones that wait to carry passengers on Ferries
# Compass point Abbreviation Traditional wind point
1 North N Tramontane or Tramontana
2 North by east NbE
3 North-northeast NNE
4 Northeast by north NEbN
5 Northeast NE Gregale or Greco or Bora
6 Northeast by east NEbE
7 East-northeast ENE
8 East by north EbN
9 East E Viento de Levante or Levante
10 East by south EbS
11 East-southeast ESE
12 Southeast by east SEbE
13 Southeast SE Sirocco or Scirocco
14 Southeast by south SEbS
15 South-southeast SSE
16 South by east SbE
17 South S Ostro
18 South by west SbW
19 South-southwest SSW
20 Southwest by south SWbS
21 Southwest SW Libeccio
22 Southwest by west SWbW
23 West-southwest WSW
24 West by south WbS
25 West W Poniente or Zephyrus
26 West by north WbN
27 West-northwest WNW
28 Northwest by west NWbW
29 Northwest NW Mistral
30 Northwest by north NWbN
31 North-northwest NNW
32 North by west NbW
1 North N Tramontane or Tramontana

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